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Aug-2009Answering Opinion Questions with Random Walks on GraphsLi, Fangtao; Tang, Yang; Huang, Minlie; Zhu, XiaoyanIDRC Only
Aug-2010Comparative Study on Ranking and Selection Strategies for Multi-Document SummarizationJin, Feng; Huang, Minlie; Zhu, XiaoyanIDRC Only
Oct-2010Function-based question classification for general QABu, Fan; Zhu, Xingwei; Hao, Yu; Zhu, XiaoyanIDRC Only
Jul-2011Learning to Identify Review SpamLi, Fangtao; Huang, Minlie; Yang, Yi; Zhu, Xiaoyan; Walsh, TobyIDRC Only
Jun-2010Learning to Link Entities with Knowledge BaseZheng, Zhicheng; Li, Fangtao; Huang, Minlie; Zhu, XiaoyanIDRC Only
Aug-2010Measuring the Non-compositionality of Multiword ExpressionsBu, Fan; Zhu, XiaoyanIDRC Only
May-2010Question Answering System Based on Community QAZheng, Zhicheng; Tang, Yang; Long, Chong; Bu, Fan; Zhu, XiaoyanIDRC Only
Jul-2010Recognizing Biomedical Named Entities using Skip-chain Conditional Random FieldsLiu, Jingchen; Huang, Minlie; Zhu, XiaoyanIDRC Only
Jul-2010Sentiment Analysis with Global Topics and Local DependencyLI, Fangtao; Huang, Minlie; Zhu, XiaoyanIDRC Only
Sep-2009Specialized Review Selection for Feature Rating EstimationLong, Chong; Zhang, Lei; Huang, Minlie; Zhu, Xiaoyan; Li, MingIDRC Only
Aug-2010Structure-Aware Review Mining and SummarizationLi, Fangtao; Han, Chao; Huang, Minlie; Zhu, Xiaoyan; Xia, Ying-JuIDRC Only
2010Summarizing Similar Questions for Chinese Community Question Answering PortalsTang, Yang; Li, Fangtao; Huang, Minlie; Zhu, Xiaoyan-
Nov-2009THU QUANTA at TAC 2009 KBP and RTE TrackLi, Fan; Zheng, Zhicheng; Bu, Fan; Tang, Yang; Zhu, XiaoyanIDRC Only
Nov-2009Tsinghua University at TAC 2009: Summarizing Multi-documents by Information DistanceLong, Chong; Huang, Minlie; Zhu, XiaoyanIDRC Only