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1976Análisis económico y nueva tecnología en el Proyecto CaquezaInstituto Colombiano Agropecuario; CIID; Zulberti, C.A.; Swanberg, K.G.; Zandstra, H.G.IDRC Only
1983Canada's role in enhancing food production in developing countries through researchZandstra, H.G.Open Access
1986Canadian support to agricultural research for the developing worldZandstra, H.G.Open Access
1979Caqueza : living rural developmentIDRC; Zandstra, H.G.; Swanberg, K.G.; Zulberti, C.; Nestel, B.L.Open Access
1978Cassava intercropping research : agroclimatic and biological interactionsZandstra, H.G.Open Access
1979Cáqueza: experiencias en desarrollo ruralCIID. Oficina Regional para América Latina y el Caribe; Zandstra, H.G.; Swanberg, K.; Zulberti, C.; Nestel, B.L.Open Access
1982Comparison of laboratory and field methods for measuring hydraulic conductivity of a tropical upland soilZandstra, H.G.; Hamid, A.; Paulsen, G.M.Open Access
1994CONDESAN : an ecoregional approach to the sustainable management of natural resources in the High AndesLi Pun, H.H.; Rueda, J.L.; Zandstra, H.G.Open Access
1982Cropping systems research methodology for agricultural development projectsZandstra, H.G.IDRC Only
1985Design and testing of improved livestock technology for mixed farmsZandstra, H.G.IDRC Only
1981Evaluation of double cropped rainfed wetland riceIRRI; Zandstra, H.G.; Bolton, F.R.Open Access
1974Expected benefits of fertilizer recommendation strategies based on chemical soil tests.American Society of Agronomy; Zandstra, H.G.Open Access
1973Experiences of rural development projects as related to the study of comparative agricultural systems.Zandstra, H.G.Open Access
1982Experiences with research on crop animal systemsZandstra, H.G.IDRC Only
1975Experiencias en desarrollo ruralInstituto Colombiano Agropecuario; CIID; Swanberg, K.G.; Zulberti, C.A.; Zandstra, H.G.Open Access
1986Farming systems research and extension : achievements and futureZandstra, H.G.Open Access
1975Filosofia de la investigación en producción agricolaInstituto Colombiano Agropecuario; CIID; Zandstra, H.G.; Gonzalez, R.Open Access
1985IDRC's role : supported research for agricultural developmentZandstra, H.G.IDRC Only
1982Informe del II Taller de Trabajo sobre Sistemas de Producción Animal Tropical, Pucallpa, Perú, 21-25 de enero, 1982CIID; Instituto Veterinario de Investigaciones Tropicales y de Altura; IDRC; Li Pun, H.H.; Zandstra, H.G.Open Access
1986Infrastructural support for technological changeZandstra, H.G.; Swanberg, K.; Zulberti, C.; Nestel, B.L.IDRC Only