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1976Activity systems as an urban research methodYeung, Yue ManOpen Access
1979Asian cities at the crossroadsYeung, Yue ManOpen Access
1979Au carrefour de l'espoir et du désespoirYeung, Yue ManOpen Access
1977Camelots et colporteurs : paysans dans les villesYeung, Yue ManOpen Access
1978China revisited : a personal viewYeung, Yue ManOpen Access
1975Hawkers and vendors; dualism in Southeast AsiaYeung, Yue ManOpen Access
1977High-rise, high-density housing : myths and realityYeung, Yue ManIDRC Only
1977Housing problem in urbanizing Southeast AsiaYeung, Yue ManOpen Access
1979Intentos propios de soluciónYeung, Yue ManOpen Access
1976Land value dilemma in developing economies with special reference to Singapore : commentYeung, Yue ManIDRC Only
1984Monde de villesYeung, Yue ManOpen Access
1984Mundo en las ciudadesYeung, Yue ManOpen Access
1983Place to live : more effective low cost housing in AsiaYeung, Yue ManOpen Access
1980Planning for high density urban centres : lessons from Hong Kong and SingaporeYeung, Yue Man; Drakakis-Smith, D.W.IDRC Only
1977Public housing in the city states of Hong Kong and SingaporeAustralian National University; Yeung, Yue Man; Drakakis-Smith, D.W.IDRC Only
1986Third world urban development : agency responses with particular reference to IDRCBélisle, J.F.; Yeung, Yue ManIDRC Only
1978Trente-cinq ans plus tard : j'ai vu une nouvelle ChineYeung, Yue ManOpen Access
1976Urban environment in Southeast Asia : challenge and opportunityYeung, Yue ManIDRC Only
1984World in citiesYeung, Yue ManOpen Access