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2004Building capacity in Central Havana to sustainably manage environmental health risk in an urban ecosystemSpiegel, Jerry; Bonet, Mariano; Garcia, Maricel; Ibarra, Ana Maria; Tate, Robert B.; Yassi, AnnaleeIDRC Only
2012Chronic Pesticide Poisoning from Persistent Low-dose Exposures in Ecuadorean Floriculture Workers: Toward Validating a Low-cost Test BatteryBreilh, Jaime; Pagliccia, Nino; Yassi, AnnaleeIDRC Only
2000Health-risk perception in the inner city community of Centro Habana, CubaFernandez, Niurys; Tate, Robert B.; Bonet, Mariano; Canizares, Mayilee; Mas, Pedro; Yassi, AnnaleeIDRC Only
2009Promoting the health of marginalized populations in Ecuador through international collaboration and educational innovationsParkes, Margot W.; Spiegel, Jerry; Breilh, Jaime; Cabarcas, Fabio; Huish, Robert; Yassi, AnnaleeIDRC Only
1999Research and application : applying an ecosystem approach to the determinants of health in Centro HabanaYassi, Annalee; Mas, Pedro; Bonet, Mariano; Tate, Robert B.; Fernandez, Niurys; Spiegel, Jerry; Perez, MayileeIDRC Only
Apr-2007Social and environmental determinants of Aedes aegypti infestation in Central Havana : results of a case–control study nested in an integrated dengue surveillance programme in CubaSpiegel, Jerry M.; Bonet, Mariano; Ibarra, Ana-Maria; Pagliccia, Nino; Ouellette, Veronic; Yassi, AnnaleeIDRC Only
2010Tools for thoughtful action : the role of eosystem approaches to health in enhancing public healthWebb, Jena C.; Mergler, Donna; Parkes, Margot W.; Saint-Charles, Johanne; Spiegel, Jerry; Waltner-Toews, David; Yassi, Annalee; Woollard, Robert F.IDRC Only