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1991Acute respiratory infectionsWorld Bank; Stansfield, S.K.; Shepard, D.S.Open Access
1979Behavior of foodgrain production and consumption in India, 1960-77World Bank; Sarma, J.S.; Roy, S.IDRC Only
1991Challenge of survival : safe motherhood in the SADCC regionWorld Bank; Family Care International; Jacobson, J.L.IDRC Only
1969Desarrollo : empresa común; informe de la Comisión de desarrollo internacionalCommission on International Development; World Bank; Pearson, L.B.IDRC Only
30-Apr-2012Eco-bio-social research on dengue in Asia : final technical reportUNICEF; UNDP; World Bank; WHO. TDR ProgrammeIDRC Only
1999Environmental study of artisanal, small, and medium mining in Bolivia, Chile, and PeruWorld Bank; McMahon, G.; Evia, J.L.; Pascó-Font, A.; Sánchez, J.M.IDRC Only
1980Evaluation of shelter programs for the urban poor : principal findingsWorld Bank; Keare, D.H.; Parris, S.IDRC Only
1982Evaluation of sites and services projects : the evidence from El SalvadorWorld Bank; Bamberger, M.; González-Polio, E.; Umnuay, Sae HauIDRC Only
1982Evaluation of sites and services projects : the experience from Lusaka, ZambiaWorld Bank; Valverde, N.; Bamberger, M.; Sanyal, B.IDRC Only
1992Financing technology development and commercialisation : ICICI experienceWorld Bank; Unesco; Advani, A.J.IDRC Only
1993Fish for the future : summary report; a study of international fisheries researchWorld Bank; UNDP; Commission of the European Communities; FAOIDRC Only
1997Framework for World Bank involvement in post - conflict reconstructionWorld BankIDRC Only
1993Future Partnership for the Acceleration of Health Development : report of a conference, 18-20 Oct. 1993, Ottawa, CanadaIDRC; WHO; World BankOpen Access
1976Hand pump for rural areas of developing countriesWorld Bank; Journey, W.K.IDRC Only
1998Identification of joint management structures for shared aquifers : a cooperative Palestinian - Israeli effortWorld Bank; Feitelson, E.; Haddad, M.IDRC Only
1999It takes knowledge : preserving our environmentWorld Bank; Yoon, K.; Dobbs, F.; Ketcham, J.; Baney, T.IDRC Only
1982Low cost technology options for sanitation : a state of the art review and annotated bibliographyIDRC. Health Sciences Division; World Bank; Rybczynski, W.; Chongrak Polprasert; McGarry, M.IDRC Only
1982Low cost technology options for sanitation : state of the literatureIDRC; World Bank; Rybczynski, W.; Polprasert, C.; McGarry, M.IDRC Only
1982Low income urban shelter projects : an annotated bibliography of research funded by IDRC - IBRDIDRC; World BankOpen Access
1973Onchocerciasis in West Africa : report of meetingWorld BankIDRC Only