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Feb-2010Accountability framework for technological innovationWhitty, BrendanIDRC Only
Feb-2010Accountability of Innovation - A literature review, framework and guidelines to strengthen accountability of organisations engaged in technological innovationWhitty, Brendan; Gersten, Julie; Poskakukhina, YuliaOpen Access
2011Accountability principles for policy oriented research organisations : a guide to the framework and online databaseHammer, Michael; Whitty, BrendanOpen Access
2008Accountability Principles for Research Institutes: On-line Forum Report, Feb-Mar 2008Whitty, BrendanIDRC Only
2008Accountability principles for research organisationsWhitty, BrendanOpen Access
2008Accountability principles for research organisations : a framework to understand and implement accountability good practices for research organisations working in developing countries; executive summaryWhitty, BrendanOpen Access
2009Accountability principles for research organisations : final narrative reportWhitty, Brendan; Hammer, MichaelOpen Access
2008Accountability principles for research organisations : toolkitWhitty, BrendanOpen Access
Jan-2009Accountable lobbying of Parliament - A reaction to the Select Committee Report on Lobbying in Whitehall; supporting transparency and limiting opportunity for inappropriate lobbyingWhitty, BrendanOpen Access
Jan-2008Stretched in all directions: The demands, pulls and pressures acting on policy research organisationsWhitty, BrendanIDRC Only
May-2008Who do you work for? Establishing a better match between justifications of research and effective accountability to claimed beneficiariesJohnson, Carolina; Whitty, Brendan; Hammer, MichaelIDRC Only