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1987After the harvestWeber, E.J.Open Access
1983After the harvestWeber, E.J.Open Access
1985Agricultural research and the rural development process : some IDRC experience; paper presented to the "Research for Third World Development Conference", University of Waterloo, May 14-16, 1985Weber, E.J.Open Access
1978Ancienne céréale en pleine évolutionWeber, E.J.Open Access
1987Après la récolteWeber, E.J.Open Access
1983Après la récolte : la recherche pour prévenir le gaspillageWeber, E.J.Open Access
2002Arracacha project : final workshop and reportWeber, E.J.Open Access
1976Cultivos múltiples para campesinos asiáticosWeber, E.J.Open Access
1987Después de la cosechaWeber, E.J.Open Access
1983Después de la cosechaWeber, E.J.Open Access
1996Electronic networking and developmentWeber, E.J.Open Access
1995Electronic networking and developmentWeber, E.J.Open Access
1989IDRC experience in post-production systems research, food crop utilization and agro-industrial developmentWeber, E.J.Open Access
1973Integrated rural development projects in Latin America : experiences, prospects and new research directionsWeber, E.J.Open Access
1996Maillage électronique et développementWeber, E.J.Open Access
1976Making the most of Asia's small farmsWeber, E.J.Open Access
1978New beginnings for an ancient cropWeber, E.J.Open Access
1995Observations on lessons learned in the project Post Production Research Application (SEARCA) and recommendations for IDRCWeber, E.J.IDRC Only
1976Polyculture répond bien aux besoins des petites fermesWeber, E.J.Open Access
1976Program thrusts of the International Development Research Centre toward accelerating agricultural development.Weber, E.J.Open Access