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1985Analysis of current Canadian emigration to the United StatesVlassoff, C.; McKee, B.; Samuel, J.Open Access
1986Assessing the demographic impact of development projects : IDRC experienceVlassoff, C.Open Access
1988Assessing the demographic impact of development projects : the IDRC experienceVlassoff, C.IDRC Only
1987Chine est inquiète! : les familles veulent deux enfantsVlassoff, C.Open Access
1987Covering all the angles in ThailandVlassoff, C.Open Access
1987Desarrollo integrado en TailandiaVlassoff, C.Open Access
1986Drought in Africa : critical issuesVlassoff, C.; Thurston, L.; Rathgeber, E.M.Open Access
1987Effort concerté pour le changementVlassoff, C.Open Access
1983Family type and fertility in rural India : a critical analysisVlassoff, C.; Vlassoff, M.IDRC Only
1995Female client and the health care providerUNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases; IDRC; Hatcher Roberts, J.; Vlassoff, C.Open Access
1986Fertility and the labour force in Canada : critical issuesVlassoff, C.Open Access
1990Fertility revolution in ChinaVlassoff, C.; Shah, I.Open Access
1980Frontier fertility : a study of Fort McMurray familiesUniversity of Alberta; Vlassoff, C.; Gartrell, J.W.Open Access
1993Gender and tropical diseases : a new research focusRathgeber, E.M.; Vlassoff, C.IDRC Only
1993Gender and tropical diseases : research to lift women's burdenVlassoff, C.; Austveg, B.Open Access
1994Healthy women counselling guide : a multi - country intervention studyVlassoff, C.Open Access
1988Impact of modernization on development and demographic behaviour : case studies in seven Third World countriesVlassoff, C.; Barkat-e-KhudaOpen Access
1985Impact of selected development programs on demographic behaviour : examples from Latin America and AsiaVlassoff, C.Open Access
1989Incidence de la modernisation sur le développement et le comportement démographique : études de cas dans sept pays du Tiers MondeVlassoff, C.; Barkat-e-KhudaOpen Access
1987Methodological issues in assessing the health and demographic consequences of development projectsVlassoff, C.Open Access