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1985Analysis of current Canadian emigration to the United StatesVlassoff, C.; McKee, B.; Samuel, J.Open Access
1986Assessing the demographic impact of development projects : IDRC experienceVlassoff, C.Open Access
1988Assessing the demographic impact of development projects : the IDRC experienceVlassoff, C.IDRC Only
1987Chine est inquiète! : les familles veulent deux enfantsVlassoff, C.Open Access
1987Covering all the angles in ThailandVlassoff, C.Open Access
1987Desarrollo integrado en TailandiaVlassoff, C.Open Access
1986Drought in Africa : critical issuesVlassoff, C.; Thurston, L.; Rathgeber, E.M.Open Access
1987Effort concerté pour le changementVlassoff, C.Open Access
1983Family type and fertility in rural India : a critical analysisVlassoff, C.; Vlassoff, M.IDRC Only
1986Fertility and the labour force in Canada : critical issuesVlassoff, C.Open Access
1990Fertility revolution in ChinaVlassoff, C.; Shah, I.Open Access
1980Frontier fertility : a study of Fort McMurray familiesUniversity of Alberta; Vlassoff, C.; Gartrell, J.W.Open Access
1993Gender and tropical diseases : a new research focusRathgeber, E.M.; Vlassoff, C.IDRC Only
1993Gender and tropical diseases : research to lift women's burdenVlassoff, C.; Austveg, B.Open Access
1994Healthy women counselling guide : a multi - country intervention studyVlassoff, C.Open Access
1985Impact of selected development programs on demographic behaviour : examples from Latin America and AsiaVlassoff, C.Open Access
1987Methodological issues in assessing the health and demographic consequences of development projectsVlassoff, C.Open Access
1983Migration and fertility as "survival strategies"Vlassoff, C.IDRC Only
1986One - child solution : declining fertility in ChinaVlassoff, C.Open Access
1987One child or two? : China's rural - urban splitVlassoff, C.Open Access