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2003Acceso y control sobre los recursos : LEISA revista de agroecología, dic. 2003, v. 19, no. 3Vernooy, R.; Gianella-Estrems, T.; ChavezTafur, J.IDRC Only
2003Approaches for evaluating organisational capacity developmentVernooy, R.; Le Thanh DuongIDRC Only
2003Approches d'évaluation du renforcement des capacités organisationnellesVernooy, R.; Le Thanh DuongIDRC Only
2003Celebrating diversity in ChinaVernooy, R.; Yiching SongIDRC Only
2000Connected : insights from the 2nd International Community - Based Natural Resource Management workshop, Guiyang, Guizhou province, China, Oct. 16-20, 2000IDRC; Vernooy, R.Open Access
2003D'un soleil à l'autre : entretien avec Ronnie Vernooy, 15 avril 2003Société Radio - Canada; Vernooy, R.; Raymond, H.IDRC Only
1996Do you know the python? : moving forward on the participatory research methodology development pathVernooy, R.Open Access
2003Enfoques para la evaluación del desarrollo de la capacidad en una organizaciónVernooy, R.; Le Thanh DuongIDRC Only
2003Evaluating capacity development : experiences from research and development organizations around the worldCarden, F.; Vernooy, R.; Horton, D.; Alexaki, A.; Bennett-Lartey, S.Open Access
2004Évaluation au coeur du renforcement organisationnel : expériences d'organisations de recherche et développement du monde entierCarden, F.; Vernooy, R.; Horton, D.; Alexaki, A.; Bennett-Lartey, S.Open Access
2003Food security : seeds of threat, seeds of solutionsVernooy, R.Open Access
1994Food Systems under Stress in Africa : African Canadian Research Cooperation; proceedings of a workshop held in Ottawa, ON, Canada, 7-8 Nov. 1993IDRC; Vernooy, R.; Kealey, K.M.Open Access
1999Frijol tapado en Costa Rica : fortalezas, opciones y desafíosUniversidad de Costa Rica, Centro de Investigaciones Agronómicas; University of Guelph; Vernooy, R.; Meléndez, G.; Briceño, J.Open Access
1999Mapping, analysis and monitoring of the natural resource base in micro-watersheds : experiences from Nicaragua; background about (micro) watershedsVernooy, R.Open Access
1999Matagalpa, Nicaragua : new paths for participatory management in the Calico River watershedVernooy, R.; Ashby, J.A.Open Access
1997Memoria del Taller Manejo Sostenible de Cuencas : una Introducción, San Dionisio, sub-cuenca del río Calico, Matagalpa, 10 set. 1997Vernooy, R.Open Access
1999Participatory monitoring and evaluationVernooy, R.Open Access
2005Participatory monitoring and evaluation : readings and resourcesVernooy, R.Open Access
2007Participatory plant breeding to promote farmers' rightsHalewood, M.; Deupmann, P.; Sthapit, B.R.; Vernooy, R.; Ceccarelli, S.IDRC Only
1998Quince (15) micro-cuencas del Río Calico, San Dionisio, Matagalpa : mapeo y análisis participativos de los recursos naturalesCentro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical, Proyecto Laderas; Vernooy, R.; Espinoza, N.IDRC Only