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-Alternatives journalUniversity of WaterlooIDRC Only
1977Cholera and malaria incidence in Tamil Nadu, India : case studies in medical geographyUniversity of Waterloo; Hyma, B.; Ramesh, A.IDRC Only
1978Design for plastic hand pump and wellUniversity of Waterloo; Rudin, A.; Plumtree, A.IDRC Only
1978Dynamic performance of the Filippini vertical axis wind turbineUniversity of WaterlooIDRC Only
1992Final report / Groundwater, Cochabamba Valley, BoliviaCorporación Regional de Desarrollo de Cochabamba; IDRC; University of Waterloo; Farvolden, R.N.IDRC Only
1984Final report / Methods, Development and Study of Organic Pollutions in the Caroni River, Trinidad (Apr. 1982 - Apr. 1984)University of Waterloo; Caribbean Industrial Research Institute; Karasek, F.W.; Moore, R.IDRC Only
1989Final report / Resource Mapping of the Sokoto Rima Basin, Northwestern NigeriaUniversity of Lagos; University of WaterlooIDRC Only
1990Final scientific and technical report / Metallurgy of Arc Welds, June 1984-June 1990University of Waterloo; Universidad del ValleIDRC Only
1994Final technical report / Cyclone Resistant Housing (Caribbean) ProjectUniversity of the West Indies, Dept. of Civil Engineering; University of Waterloo; Imbert, I.D.C.IDRC Only
2006Mapping of coral reefs for management of marine protected areas in developing nations using remote sensingUniversity of Waterloo; Newman, Candace M.; LeDrew, Ellsworth F.; Lim, AlanIDRC Only
2015Masava (Mafuta Asili ya Alizeti yenye Vitamini A / Healthy Sunflower Oil Fortified with Vitamin A) videoMennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA); Sokoine University of Agriculture; University of WaterlooIDRC Only
1997Redatam + GIS generic population - related application tools : winR + GIS : final technical reportLatin American Demographic Centre; University of WaterlooIDRC Only
1985Research for Third World development : Ontario perspectives, University of Waterloo, May 14-16, 1985IDRC; University of WaterlooIDRC Only
1987Research, resources and the environment in Third World developmentIDRC, Cooperative Programs; University of Waterloo; Nelson, J.G.; Knight, K.D.IDRC Only
1988Seasonal land use and land cover in Northwest NigeriaUniversity of Waterloo; Adeniyi, P.O.; Bullock, R.R.IDRC Only
1985Summaries of workshop papers : Research for the Third World Development; Ontario Perspectives, University of Waterloo, May 14-16, 1985University of Waterloo; IDRCIDRC Only