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1983Characteristics of the school age population - the incidence of repetition among enrolled primary school childrenUniversity of Sierra LeoneIDRC Only
1982CowpeaUniversity of Sierra LeoneIDRC Only
1991Draft report of the proceedings of the Workshop on Technological Capability in the Informal Sector in Sierra Leone, 2-4 July 1991West African Technology Policy Studies Network; University of Sierra LeoneIDRC Only
1992Educational research in Africa, v. 2University of Sierra LeoneIDRC Only
1987Final technical report / Correlates of Mortality Research Project (Sierra Leone)University of Sierra Leone; Kandeh, B.S.IDRC Only
1988Mathematics used (and needed) by Mende farmers of Moyamba and Kailahun Districts in Sierra Leone : final reportUniversity of Sierra Leone; Bockarie, A.IDRC Only
1988Onchocerciasis in Sierra Leone : the epidemiology, vector transmission and ophthalmology of Onchocerca volvulus, infection in Gorama Chiefdom, Kono District; final project reportUniversity of Sierra Leone; Gbakima, A.A.IDRC Only
1981Proceedings / Food Legume - Production, Utilization and Storage Workshop, 21-24 Apr. 1981University of Sierra LeoneIDRC Only
1983Rainwater harvesting project (Sierra Leone)University of Sierra Leone; Temgbeh, G.TIDRC Only
1982Report / Food Legume ProjectUniversity of Sierra LeoneIDRC Only
1983Workshop report / Njala University College / IDRC sponsored workshop on Review of Strategies for Dissemination of Educational InnovationsIDRC; University of Sierra Leone; Bockarie, S.IDRC Only