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1991Cooking fuel choice in Thai cities : beyond prices and incomeTyler, S.R.IDRC Only
1997Final report / TA 2078 - CAM : strengthening environmental impact assessment procedures and capabilities in CambodiaAsian Development Bank, Office of Environment and Social Development; Tyler, S.R.; McNamee, P.; Wright, D.; Woodswork, G.Open Access
2003Flexible networking in research capacity building at the National University of Laos : lessons for North - South collaborationTyler, S.R.; Vandergeest, P.; Phanvilay, K.; Fujita, Y.; Fox, J.IDRC Only
1994Household energy use and environment in Asian cities : an introductionTyler, S.R.IDRC Only
1996Household energy use in Asian cities : responding to development successTyler, S.R.IDRC Only
1991Megacities and megawatts : urban energy use in AsiaTyler, S.R.; Brooks, David B.IDRC Only
1999Policy implications of natural resource conflict managementTyler, S.R.Open Access
1995Report of a national workshop on environmental policy and program priorities for Viet Nam, Ha Noi, Nov. 3-4, 1994Tyler, S.R.; Woodsworth, G.C.; McNamee, P.J.; Nguyen Cong Thanh; Vu Quyet ThangOpen Access
1995State, local government, and resource management in Southeast Asia : recent trends in the Philippines, Vietnam, and ThailandTyler, S.R.IDRC Only
1991Transitions in household energy use in urban China, India, the Philippines, Thailand and Hong KongTyler, S.R.; Sathaye, J.IDRC Only
1994Transportation, fuel use and air quality in Asian citiesTyler, S.R.; Sathaye, J.; Goldman, N.IDRC Only