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2003Agroforestry and its role in mitigating the impact of HIV / AIDSKwesiga, Freddie; Swallow, Brent; Agumya, Aggrey; Thangata, Paul; Villarreal, MarcelaIDRC Only
2014Alleviating Poverty and Malnutrition in Agro-Biodiversity Hotspots : final technical report (1 March 2011 - 31 August 2014)Pattison, John K.; Nambi, V.A.; Kav, Nat; Swallow, BrentOpen Access
2007Compensation and rewards for environmental services in the developing world : framing pan-tropical analysis and comparisonSwallow, Brent; Kallesoe, Mikkel; Iftikhar, Usman; Noordwijk, Meine van; Bracer, CarinaIDRC Only
2007Conditions for effective mechanisms of compensation and rewards for environmental servicesSwallow, Brent; Leimona, Beria; Yatich, Thomas; Velarde, Sandra J.; Puttaswamaiah, S.IDRC Only
2007Exploring the inter-linkages among and between Compensation and Rewards for Ecosystem Services (CRES) and human well-beingIftikhar, Usman Ali; Kallesoe, Mikkel; Duraiappah, Anantha; Sriskanthan, Gaya; Poats, Susan V.; Swallow, BrentIDRC Only
2007Final report to IDRC : recommendationsSwallow, Brent; Rumley, Rachel; Yatich, Thomas; Tomich, Thomas; Velarde, Sandra; International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (World Agroforestry Centre); International Centre for World Conservation Union (IUCN); Forest Trends; Institute for Social and Economic Change; Corporación Grupo Randi Randi; African Centre for Technology Studies; United Nations Environment Programme, Division for Environmental Law and ConventionsIDRC Only
2003Pro-poor watershed functions : agroforestrees at the right place and time, negotiations and reward mechanismsNoordwijk, Meine van; Thomas, David; Ong, Chin; Swallow, Brent; Tomich, TomIDRC Only