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2006Advancing human nutrition without degrading land resources through modeling cropping systems in Ethiopian HighlandsAmede, Tilahun; Stroud, Ann; Aune, JensIDRC Only
Jan-2003African Highlands Initiative – Acacia project : final reportStroud, Ann; Ocilaje, MichaelIDRC Only
2003AHI program briefStroud, AnnOpen Access
2004Boosting human nutrition through land use modeling : an alternative to biofortificationAmede, Tilahun; Mekonen, Kindu; Bekele, Agidew; Stroud, AnnOpen Access
2005Bridging research and policy for improving NRM : lessons and challenges in the highlands of South-western UgandaSanginga, Pascal C.; Kakuru, Adison; Kamugish, Rick; Place, Frank; Martin, Adrienne; Stroud, AnnIDRC Only
2003Coalition for enabling demand-driven development in Kabale district, UgandaGerman, Laura; Stroud, Ann; Obin, EngorokOpen Access
2003Combining science with participation : learning locally and generalizing regionallyStroud, AnnOpen Access
2006Du gris au vert : l'espoir reprend racine dans les hautes terres d'AfriqueKavanagh, Patrick; Opala, Ken; Stroud, Ann; Navarro, LuisOpen Access
2006Framework for the integration of diverse learning approaches : operationalizing agricultural research and Development (R&D) linkages in Eastern AfricaGerman, Laura; Stroud, AnnIDRC Only
2006From gray to green : replanting hope in Africa's highlandsKavanagh, Patrick; Opala, Ken; Stroud, Ann; Navarro, LuisOpen Access
2006From gray to green : replanting hope in Africa's highlands [Arabic version]Kavanagh, Patrick; Opala, Ken; Stroud, Ann; Navarro, LuisOpen Access
2006In search of substance : "State of the Art" of approaches, strategies and methods for improving natural resource management and livelihoodsStroud, Ann; Khandelwal, RajivIDRC Only
2006Integrated natural resource management in practice : enabling communities to improve mountain livelihoods and landscapes; proceedings of a conference held on October 12-15, 2004 at ICRAF headquarters, Nairobi, Kenya. Kampala, Uganda: African Highlands Initiative, Nairobi, KenyaAmede, Tilahun; German, Laura; Rao, Sheila; Opondo, Chris; Stroud, AnnIDRC Only
2004Integrating learning approaches for agricultural R&DGerman, Laura; Stroud, AnnOpen Access
2003Linked technologies for increasing adoption and impactStroud, AnnOpen Access
2006Managing change : institutional development under NAADS [National Agricultural Advisory Services]; a field study on farmer institutions working with NAADSStroud, Ann; Obin, Engerok; Kandelwahl, Rajiv; Byekwaso, Francis; Opondo, ChrisIDRC Only
2005Process monitoring and documentation for R&D team learning : concepts and approachesOpondo, Chris; German, Laura; Charamila, Sarah; Stroud, Ann; Khandelwal, RajivIDRC Only
2004Report for the 2005 AHI priority setting exercise : AHI strategy for ASARECA 2005-2010Stroud, Ann; Peden, DerekIDRC Only
2003Self-management of institutional change for improving approaches to integrated NRM [Natural Resource Management]Stroud, AnnOpen Access
2006Shared experiences of an ASARECA programme key challenges for institutions to operationalise INRM from ecoregional and NARS perspectivesStroud, Ann; Hagmann, JürgenIDRC Only