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2004Advancing human nutrition without degrading land resources through modeling cropping systems in the Ethiopian HighlandsAmede, T.; Stroud, A.; Aune, J.Open Access
2003Institutionalising participation in Eastern Africa research institutesOpondo, C.; Stroud, A.; German, L.; Hagmann, J.Open Access
2003Institutionalizing participatory approaches : experiences in national agriculture research systems and institutions of higher learning in Eastern AfricaOpondo, C.; Stroud, A.; German, L.; Hagmann, J.Open Access
2006Lessons from using participatory action research to enhance farmer-led research and extension in Southwestern UgandaOpondo, C.; German, L.; Stroud, A.; Engorok, O.IDRC Only
2005Linking farmers and policymakers : experiences from Kabale district, UgandaGerman, L.; Stroud, A.; Opondo, C.; Mwebesa, B.Open Access
2006Monitoring the outcomes of participatory research in natural resources management : experiences of the African Highlands InitiativeOpondo, C.; Sanginga, P.; Stroud, A.IDRC Only
2005Situation analysis for the intensively cultivated highlands of East and Central Africa : an input into the AHI strategy for ASARECA, 2005 - 2010 (part A)Stroud, A.; Peden, D.Open Access
2003Transforming Institutions to Achieve Innovation in Research and DevelopmentStroud, A.Open Access
2004Understanding people, their livelihood systems, demands and impact of innovations to advance developmentStroud, A.Open Access