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2002Advances in crop - livestock integration in West African citiesIDRC; International Trypanotolerance Centre; Institut sénégalais de recherches agricoles; Smith, O.B.; Akinbamijo, O.O.; Fall, S.T.Open Access
1999Agriculture urbaine en Afrique de l'Ouest : une contribution à la sécurité alimentaire et à l'assainissement des villesCRDI; Centre technique de coopération agricole et rurale; Smith, O.B.Open Access
1992Feed resources for goats : recent advances in availability and utilisation in AfricaSmith, O.B.Open Access
1993Feed resources for intensive smallholder systems in the tropics : the role of crop residuesSmith, O.B.Open Access
1999Flash du CRDI : désertification; mythes et réalitésSmith, O.B.; Koala, S.Open Access
1999IDRC briefing : desertification; myths and realitiesSmith, O.B.; Koala, S.Open Access
1994Nutrition reproduction interractions in farm animalsSmith, O.B.; Somade, B.Open Access
2001Overview of urban agriculture and food security in West African citiesIDRC; Smith, O.B.Open Access
1998Peri-urban livestock production systems in Sub-Saharan AfricaIDRC; Smith, O.B.; Olaloku, E.A.Open Access
1994Rapport de l'atelier sur les systèmes fonciers et la désertification en AfriqueSmith, O.B.Open Access
1994Report of the Workshop on Tenure Systems and Desertification in AfricaSmith, O.B.Open Access
1994Summary of the Vth INCD Session (Paris) on the Elaboration of a Convention to Combat DesertificationSmith, O.B.Open Access
1999Urban agriculture in West Africa : contributing to food security and urban sanitationIDRC; Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation; Smith, O.B.Open Access
1994Using fodder from trees and shrubs to feed livestock in the tropicsFAO; Smith, O.B.Open Access