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1976Adoption of contraceptives in rural Latin AmericaSimmons, A.B.; Conning, A.M.Open Access
1977Adoption of contraceptives in rural Latin AmericaSimmons, A.B.Open Access
1974Ambivalence toward small families in rural Latin AmericaSimmons, A.B.IDRC Only
1974Ambivalence toward small families in rural Latin America.Simmons, A.B.IDRC Only
1973Ambivalencia en la preferencia por familias chicas, en América Latina ruralSimmons, A.B.IDRC Only
1973Apuntes sobre la llamada "crisis" en las grandes ciudadesCorporación Centro Regional de Población; Cardona G., R.; Simmons, A.B.IDRC Only
1974Colombia: stages of family planning adoption, 1964-1969Simmons, A.B.; Cardona G., R.IDRC Only
1975Conference on the Urban Impact of Internal Migration; papers and trip report.Simmons, A.B.Open Access
1973Destino la metrópoli : un modelo general de las migraciones internas en América LatinaCardona G., R.; Simmons, A.B.Open Access
1975Family size attitudes : a comparison of measuresTurner, J.E.; Simmons, A.B.IDRC Only
1977Household studies : why, what and howSimmons, A.B.; Diaz-Briquets, S.Open Access
1975If they know, why don't they use? : selected factors influencing contraceptive adoption in rural Latin AmericaSimmons, A.B.; Culagovski, M.Open Access
1971Industrialization, family and fertility: a structural - psychological analysis of the Brazilian caseRosen, B.C.; Simmons, A.B.IDRC Only
1996International migration, refugee flows and human rights in North America : the impact of free trade and restructuringSimmons, A.B.IDRC Only
1976Opportunity space, migration and economic development; a critical assessment of research on migrant characteristics and their impact on rural and urban communities.Simmons, A.B.IDRC Only
1975Public policy and migratory behavior in selected developing countries; draft.IDRC; Laquian, A.A.; Simmons, A.B.Open Access
1979Review and evaluation of attempts to constrain migration to selected urban centres and regionsSimmons, A.B.IDRC Only
1979Slowing metropolitan city growth in Asia : policies, programs and resultsSimmons, A.B.IDRC Only
1980Social inequality and the demographic transition : Latin AmericaSimmons, A.B.IDRC Only
1975Social mobility in Bogota, ColombiaSimmons, A.B.IDRC Only