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1994Action research in resource management : the use of knowledge in decision making systems; report on the preliminary phaseNelson, M.; Couto, W.; Seré, C.IDRC Only
1993Animal production systems research in developing countries : overview and perspectivesLi Pun, H.H.; Seré, C.Open Access
1993Assessment of the use and impact of Stylosanthes guianensis CIAT 184 in ChinaDevendra, C.; Seré, C.Open Access
1995Environmental and natural resource management priorities for Latin America and the Caribbean, Montevideo, June 21-23, 1995IDRC. Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean; Tillett, A.D.; Seré, C.Open Access
1998Global Consultation on Balancing Livestock, Environment and Human NeedsPeden, D.; Seré, C.; Li Pun, H.H.; Mwendera, E.J.; Mares, V.IDRC Only
1994LACRO survey : the role of the Regional OfficeIDRC. Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean; Bazzani, R.; Seré, C.; Tillett, A.D.Open Access
1997Livestock for human well-being : IDRC research opportunities stemming from the Global Consultation on Livestock, Environment and Human NeedsIDRC; Saad, N.; Peden, D.; Seré, C.Open Access
1995Progress report on the Inter-Centre Review of Root and Tuber Crops Research in the CGIARSeré, C.; Mackenzie, D.R.; Jacobsen, E.; Plucknett, D.Open Access
1998Regional trends in LAC and their implications for IDRC programmingSeré, C.; Rius, A.Open Access
1995Urban rural integration in periurban animal productionSeré, C.IDRC Only