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1977Distortions of agricultural incentivesSchultz, T.W.IDRC Only
1969Economic growth from traditional agriculture.Schultz, T.W.IDRC Only
1956Economic test in Latin AmericaCornell University; Schultz, T.W.IDRC Only
1974Economics of the family; marriage, children and human capital; a conference report.National Bureau of Economic Research; Population Council; Schultz, T.W.IDRC Only
1975Family and the value of human time.University of Chicago; Schultz, T.W.IDRC Only
1974Fertility and economic values.Schultz, T.W.IDRC Only
1974Food alternatives before us; an economic perspective.Schultz, T.W.IDRC Only
1974Guide to investors in education with special reference to developing countries.Schultz, T.W.IDRC Only
1973High value of human time; population equilibriumNational Bureau of Economic Research; Population Council; Schultz, T.W.IDRC Only
1970Institutions and the rising economic value of man.Schultz, T.W.IDRC Only
1975Knowledge, agriculture and welfare.Schultz, T.W.IDRC Only
1976On economics, agriculture, and the political economySchultz, T.W.IDRC Only
1961Policy to redistribute losses from economic progress, 1980Schultz, T.W.IDRC Only
1972Production opportunities in Asian agriculture : an economist's agendaSchultz, T.W.IDRC Only
1967Rate of return in allocating investment resources to educationSchultz, T.W.IDRC Only
1968Resources for higher education : an economist's viewSchultz, T.W.IDRC Only
1977Uneven prospects for gains from agricultural research related to economic policySchultz, T.W.IDRC Only
1972US malinvestments in food for the worldSchultz, T.W.IDRC Only
1973Value of children : an economic perspectiveSchultz, T.W.IDRC Only
1973Value of children and the welfare of women.University of Chicago; Schultz, T.W.IDRC Only