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2001Agenda Perú : development strategies for the 21st century; the case of PeruAgenda: Perú; Sagasti, FranciscoOpen Access
1978Ciencia y tecnología para el desarrollo : informe comparativo central del Proyecto sobre Instrumentos de Política Científica y TecnológicaSagasti, FranciscoOpen Access
2001Democracy and good government : towards democratic governance in PeruSagasti, Francisco; Patrón, Pepi; Hernández, Max; Lynch, Nicolas; Agenda: PerúOpen Access
1999Development cooperation in a fractured global order : an arduous transitionSagasti, Francisco; Alcalde, GonzaloOpen Access
1978Ejecución de políticas científicas y tecnológicas en los países en desarrollo : guía para los seminarios del CIID sobre investigación de políticas científicas y tecnológicas para el desarrolloSagasti, FranciscoIDRC Only
2005Future of development financing : challenges and strategic choicesSweden. Ministry for Foreign Affairs, EGDI Secretariat; Sagasti, Francisco; Bezanson, Keith; Prada, FernandoIDRC Only
1974Methodological guidelines for the STPI ProjectSagasti, Francisco; Araoz, AlbertoIDRC Only
2006SAREC support to international and regional thematic research programs, 2000 - 2005 : main reportSagasti, Francisco; Rath, Amitav; Björklund, Gunilla; Lansang, Mary Ann; Saasa, OliverOpen Access
1980Science and technology for development : a review of schools of thought on science, technology, development, and technical changeSagasti, FranciscoOpen Access
1978Science and technology for development : main comparative report of the Science and Technology Policy Instruments ProjectSagasti, FranciscoOpen Access
1976Science and technology planning in less developed countries : the experience of the STPI NetworkAráoz, Alberto; Sagasti, FranciscoIDRC Only
1976Science and technology policy implementation in less - developed countries : methodological guidelines for the STPI projectSagasti, Francisco; Araoz, AlbertoOpen Access
1973Science policy instruments : preliminary listJones, Graham; Sagasti, FranciscoIDRC Only
1974Technological policies of post-war Japan : a background reportBarrio, Sergio; Sagasti, FranciscoIDRC Only