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2012Adaptation to Climate Change: Stakeholder engagement and understanding impacts - International Council for Local Environment Initiatives (ICLEI) (Section 21)Fairhurst, Lucinda; Rowswell, Priscilla; Chihumbiri, FaithOpen Access
May-2011Adaptation: Infrastructure, Slums and Deserts. Cape Town: Ceilings improve livelihoods in the face of climate change [Annex 49]Fairhurst, Lucinda; Rowswell, PriscillaOpen Access
Mar-2010Blue Diamond: Coastal area: An overview of governance systems in Southern Africa [Annex 48]Fairhurst, Lucinda; Rowswell, Priscilla; Janoska, PeterOpen Access
Feb-2011Cape Town Baseline study [Annex 25]Rowswell, Priscilla; Fairhurst, Lucinda; Kemp, Lucy V; Birch, SarahOpen Access
Feb-2011Maputo Baseline Study [Annex 27]Kemp, Lucy; Fairhurst, Lucinda; Rowswell, Priscilla; Quayle, Tarryn; Fairhurst, LucindaOpen Access
Oct-2011Participatory Action Adaptation: Tools for increasing climate change capacity and preparedness at the local government level [Annex 50]Rowswell, Priscilla; Fairhurst, Lucinda; Chihumbiri, FaithOpen Access
Feb-2011Port Louis Baseline Study [Annex 28]Fairhurst, Lucinda; Rowswell, Priscilla; Jochlinger, Iris; Kemp, Lucy; Birch, SarahOpen Access
Feb-2011Temeke Municipality, Dar es Salaam Baseline Study [Annex 26]Fairhurst, Lucinda; Rowswell, Priscilla; Nhleko, Lebogang; Kemp, Lucy V; Birch, SarahOpen Access
2011Walvis Bay Baseline Study [Annex 24]Rowswell, Priscilla; Fairhurst, Lucinda; Kemp, Lucy V; Birch, SarahOpen Access