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1985Abrasive dehulling of quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) : effect on saponin content as determined by an adapted hemolytic assayReichert, R.D.; Tatarynovich, J.T.; Tyler, R.T.IDRC Only
1979Bleaching effect of acid on pearl milletReichert, R.D.; Youngs, C.G.IDRC Only
1986Description of a production model of the Tangential Abrasive Dehulling Device and its application to breeders' samplesReichert, R.D.; Tyler, R.T.; York, A.E.; Schwab, D.J.; Tatarynovich, J.E.IDRC Only
1984Factors affecting the efficiency of abrasive type dehulling of grain legumes investigated with a new intermediate sized, batch dehullerReichert, R.D.; Oomah, B.D.; Youngs, C.G.IDRC Only
1981Final report / Sorghum, Millet : Milling and QualityOomah, B.; Reichert, R.D.; Youngs, C.G.IDRC Only
1985Measurement of grain hardness and dehulling quality with a multisample, Tangential Abrasive Dehulling Device (TADD)International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics; Reichert, R.D.; Oomah, B.D.; Youngs, C.G.IDRC Only
1979PH-sensitive pigments in pearl milletReichert, R.D.IDRC Only
1979Polyphenols in Pennisetum milletReichert, R.D.; Youngs, C.G.; Christensen, D.A.Open Access
1974Processing and utilization of cereal grains and legumes : progress report #2, June 15 – November 15, 1974Reichert, R.D.; Youngs, C.G.; Lorer, E.K.IDRC Only
1981Quantitative comparison between carborundum stones and resinoid disks in dehulling cereal grainsOomah, B.D.; Reichert, R.D.; Youngs, C.G.IDRC Only
1985Sorghum dry millingInternational Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics; Reichert, R.D.IDRC Only
1986Sorghum milling TADD method : final report Jan. 4, 1982 - Jan. 16, 1986Plant Biotechnology Institute; Reichert, R.D.IDRC Only
1987Variability, heritability and physiochemical studies of seed coat durability in field peaReichert, R.D.; Ehiwe, A.O.F.IDRC Only