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1985Book industry in Africa, 1973-1983 : a decade of development?Rathgeber, E.M.IDRC Only
1985Cultural production in Kenyan medical educationRathgeber, E.M.IDRC Only
1991Développement : l'engagement des femmesRathgeber, E.M.Open Access
1986Drought in Africa : critical issuesVlassoff, C.; Thurston, L.; Rathgeber, E.M.Open Access
1988Education and employment in the informal sector : a review of some recent African researchRathgeber, E.M.IDRC Only
1988Femmes et développement : les initiatives de quelques organismes subventionnairesRathgeber, E.M.IDRC Only
1986Femmes et développement : un survol de la problématiqueRathgeber, E.M.IDRC Only
1993Gender and tropical diseases : a new research focusRathgeber, E.M.; Vlassoff, C.IDRC Only
1993IDRC in the regions : a perspective from AfricaRathgeber, E.M.Open Access
1991Integrating gender into developmentRathgeber, E.M.Open Access
1992Integrating gender into development : research and action agendas for the 1990'sRathgeber, E.M.IDRC Only
1995Integrating gender into environmental education in AfricaRathgeber, E.M.IDRC Only
1991Mayor integración de la mujerRathgeber, E.M.Open Access
1992Operationalizing gender and developmentRathgeber, E.M.IDRC Only
1996Pourquoi l'éducation? : possibilités d'éducation et perspectives de carrière des femmes dans la science, la technologie et le génieRathgeber, E.M.Open Access
1995Schooling for what? : education and career opportunities for women in science, technology, and engineeringRathgeber, E.M.Open Access
1994Special issues to consider when doing research on womenRathgeber, E.M.Open Access
1988Tenuous relationship : the African university and development policymaking in the 1980sRathgeber, E.M.IDRC Only
1995Towards the healthy women counselling guide : ideas from the Gender and Health Research Group, World Health OrganizationUNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases; Rathgeber, E.M.; Vlassoff, C.; Hardy, R.; Francis, V.; Weiss, G.Open Access
1985Transplantation of science to anglophone and francophone AfricaRathgeber, E.M.; Davis, C.H.; Eisemon, T.O.IDRC Only