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1998Assessment of poverty studies in India with special reference to economic reformsPradhan, B.K.; Saluja, M.R.IDRC Only
2000Basic MIMAP poverty profile - IndiaPradhan, B.K.; Roy, P.K.IDRC Only
2001Dimensions of effectiveness of employment in India : an exploration based on a household surveyPradhan, B.K.; Chaubey, P.K.; Roy, P.K.; Saluja, M.R.Open Access
1999Farmland prices in a developing economy : some stylized facts and determinantsPradhan, B.K.; Subramanian, A.IDRC Only
2003Final technical report of MIMAP - India project (phase III) (June 2001 - Sept. 2003)National Council of Applied Economic Research; Pradhan, B.K.; Roy, P.K.; Saluja, M.R.; Sahoo, A.; Subramanian, A.IDRC Only
1996Income distribution and poverty in a linear modelling framework : the Indian casePradhan, B.K.; Sahoo, A.IDRC Only
1995Industrial statistics in India : a reviewPradhan, B.K.; Saluja, M.R.IDRC Only
2001Interlinkages of years of schooling, health status and earnings : evidence from Indian householdsMathur, A.; Pradhan, B.K.; Tripathy, K.K.; Singh, S.K.Open Access
1996Labour statistics in India : a reviewPradhan, B.K.; Saluja, M.R.Open Access
2000Micro Impact of Macro Adjustment Policies in India (MIMAP - India, phase II) : technical reportPradhan, B.K.IDRC Only
1998MIMAP - India CGE modelPradhan, B.K.; Sahoo, A.IDRC Only
1996Money and prices : some evidence from IndiaPradhan, B.K.; Subramanian, A.IDRC Only
2000Oil price shocks and poverty in a CGE frameworkPradhan, B.K.; Sahoo, A.IDRC Only
1996Poverty in a linear modelling framework under alternative market regimes : a case study of rural IndiaNational Council of Applied Economic Research; Pradhan, B.K.; Sahoo, A.Open Access
1995Social accounting matrix and its multipliers for IndiaPradhan, B.K.; Sahoo, A.IDRC Only
1998Social accounting matrix for India - 1997-98 : concepts, constructions and applicationsPradhan, B.K.; Saluja, M.R.; Sahoo, A.IDRC Only
1999Social accounting matrix for India, 1994-95Pradhan, B.K.; Sahoo, A.; Saluja, M.R.IDRC Only
1999Status report of MIMAP - India project, Feb. 1998 - Mar. 1999Pradhan, B.K.IDRC Only
1996Structural adjustment and rural poverty in IndiaPradhan, B.K.; Subramanian, A.; Patro, K.IDRC Only
2003Well being of Indian households : MIMAP - India survey reportNational Council of Applied Economic Research; Pradhan, B.K.IDRC Only