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1973African reaction to foreign initiatives in population programs.Pradervand, P.IDRC Only
1973Best "pill" is development.Pradervand, P.IDRC Only
1973Consultation pour discuter d'un projet de publication sur la santé familialeCRDI; Pradervand, P.Open Access
1973Course démographie - développement économiquePradervand, P.Open Access
1975Different path.Pradervand, P.IDRC Only
1974Emerging population alternatives: an annotated bibliography.Pradervand, P.; Carder, M.; Henry, M.; Horsley, K.IDRC Only
1974Frustrated consensus; report on the Consultation on Population Policy.Center of Concern; Inter-Church Project on Population; Casey, R.; Pradervand, P.Open Access
1973How to delay the adoption of family planning; a brief historical outline of the population control movement.Pradervand, P.Open Access
1971Ideological premises of western research in the field of population policy.ECA; International Union for the Scientific Study of Population; IPPF; Pradervand, P.Open Access
1971Introduction aux problèmes du planning familial et de la limitation des naissances dans le Tiers Monde.Pradervand, P.IDRC Only
1974Malthusian man.Pradervand, P.IDRC Only
1971New approach to population research in Africa: ideologies, facts and policies.Bahri, A.; Bekele, M.; Bensaid, A.; Le Brun, O.; Pradervand, P.Open Access
1974Peur démographiquePradervand, P.IDRC Only
1974Population and the Third World; the population control explosion or the resurgence of Malthus.Pradervand, P.IDRC Only
1973Population et dynamique de développementUniversité d'Ottawa, Institut de coopération international; Pradervand, P.IDRC Only
1973Problème en Afrique tropicalePradervand, P.Open Access
1976Revue unique pour la famille africainePradervand, P.Open Access
1973Tentative outline of a periodical on family health for French - speaking tropical AfricaIDRC; Pradervand, P.Open Access
1969Travel diary of a trip to West Africa.Pradervand, P.IDRC Only
1977Why is there no love in populationPradervand, P.IDRC Only