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1973Canadian relations with the expanded European communities.Plumptre, A.F.W.IDRC Only
1973Canadian relations with the expanded European Communities; proceedings.Canada. Parliament. Senate; Plumptre, A.F.W.Open Access
1972Canadian views on Bretton Woods.Rasminsky, L.; Mackintosh, W.A.; Plumptre, A.F.W.; Deutsch, J.J.IDRC Only
1975Developing countries and the international monetary system.Plumptre, A.F.W.IDRC Only
1975Maynard Keynes as a teacher.Plumptre, A.F.W.IDRC Only
1967Memorandum to M.F. Strong from A.F.W. Plumptre on a feasibility study on the establishment of IDRC, December 22, 1967Plumptre, A.F.W.IDRC Only
1968Memorandum to M.F. Strong from A.F.W. Plumptre on the proposed International Development Research Institution, January 24, 1968Plumptre, A.F.W.IDRC Only
1937Nature of political and economic development in the British dominions.Plumptre, A.F.W.IDRC Only
1967Perspective on our aid to others.Plumptre, A.F.W.IDRC Only
1972Reassessing north-south economic relations; a tripartite report by thirteen experts from the European Community, Japan and North America.Brookings Institution; European Community Institute for University Studies; Japan Economic Research Center; Plumptre, A.F.W.IDRC Only
1972Reform of the international monetary system; some points of special interest to developing countries of the Commonwealth.Commonwealth Secretariat; IDRC; Plumptre, A.F.W.IDRC Only
1970Role of central banks in developing countries.Plumptre, A.F.W.IDRC Only
1972Scarborough's noble experimentPlumptre, A.F.W.IDRC Only
1977Three decades of decision; Canada and the world monetary system, 1944-1975.Plumptre, A.F.W.Open Access