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1991Challenge for social forestry extension work in pastoral AfricaOverseas Development Institute; Barrow, E.G.C.IDRC Only
1991Community scheme to encourage private tree planting by farmers in the hills of NepalOverseas Development Institute; Thapa, B.; Joshi, L.; Sherpa, S.L.; Karki, I.B.; Kusle, R.K.IDRC Only
1989Control of money supply in developing countries : China, 1949-1988Overseas Development Institute; Santorum, A.IDRC Only
2006Country report for Bolivia, Central AndesOverseas Development Institute; Viscarra, Rommy; Rushton, JonathanIDRC Only
2006Country report for Honduras, Central AmericaOverseas Development Institute; Rushton, Jonathan; Viscarra, Rommy; Mercado, Ranfis; Barrance, AdrianIDRC Only
2006First draft country report for EgyptOverseas Development Institute; Ghonem, MagdaIDRC Only
2006First draft country report for UgandaOverseas Development Institute; Kumar, SanjayIDRC Only
1991From mistrust to participation : the creation of a participatory environment for community forestry in NepalOverseas Development Institute; Gronow, J.; Shrestha, N.K.IDRC Only
1991From the field : shorter contributions from networkersOverseas Development Institute; Bishop, R.V.; Conroy, C.; Messerschmidt, D.IDRC Only
1992Generación y transferencia de tecnología agropecuaria : el papel de las ong y el sector públicoCentro Latinoamericano de Tecnología y Educación Rural; Overseas Development Institute; Centro de investigación en agricultura tropical; Bebbington, A.; Prager, M.M.; Riveros, S.H.; Thiele, G.IDRC Only
2006Independent evaluation of the SMEPOL project : impact, lessons and options for replicationOverseas Development Institute; Court, Julius; Osborne, DavidOpen Access
1992Informal financial sector : how does it operate and who are the customers?Overseas Development Institute; Thomas, J.J.IDRC Only
1985Macro-economic stabilisation, income distribution and poverty : a preliminary surveyOverseas Development Institute; Addison, T.; Demery, L.IDRC Only
1991Making forestry research relevant to Third World farmersOverseas Development Institute; Ayling, R.D.IDRC Only
1991Memorias del taller : generación y transferencia de tecnologia agropecuaria; el papel de las ong y el sector publicoOverseas Development Institute; Centro Latinoamericano de Tecnología y Educación Rural; UNICRUZ; Centro de investigación en agricultura tropicalIDRC Only
1991Monetary policy effectiveness in Indonesia, 1974-1990Overseas Development Institute; Lane, C.E.; Cole, D.C.; Slade, B.F.IDRC Only
1993Monetary policy in developing countriesOverseas Development Institute; Page, S.IDRC Only
1991Northern Vietnam : farmers, collectives and the rehabilitation of recently reallocated hill landOverseas Development Institute; Gayfer, Julian; Shanks, EdwinIDRC Only
1991Proceedings : GO-NGO Collaboration in the Area of Agriculture and Natural Resources Management in the Philippines; IIRR, Silang, Cavite, Philippines, 18-20 July 1991International Institute of Rural Reconstruction; Overseas Development Institute; Gonsalves, J.F.; Miclat-Teves, A.G.IDRC Only
2006Productive strategies for poor rural households to participate successfully in global economic processes : inception reportOverseas Development InstituteIDRC Only