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1981Decentralization of educational research and evaluation capacities in Tanzania : proceedings of a workshop held in ArushaOmari, I.M.; Mosha, H.J.IDRC Only
1988Former IDRC awardees in Eastern and Southern Africa : a tracer studyOmari, I.M.; Mosha, H.J.Open Access
1989Guidelines for the formulation of research project proposalsOmari, I.M.; Keya, S.O.; Makau, B.F.; Mani, J.Open Access
1985Harare health science research methods workshop, January 9-February 2, 1985Omari, I.M.IDRC Only
1991Higher education at crossroads in AfricaOmari, I.M.Open Access
1980Nyerere on education in one volume : a collection of Mwalimu J.K. Nyerere speeches on education, 1960-1980Nyerere, J.K.; Omari, I.M.IDRC Only
1982Psychology and education in changing societies : new perspectives from TanzaniaOmari, I.M.IDRC Only
1987Quality of primary education in TanzaniaOmari, I.M.; Mosha, H.J.Open Access
1980Revamping teacher education curriculum through population education: new dimensions for increasing responsiveness to current human needsOmari, I.M.IDRC Only
1991Roots of student unrest in African universitiesOmari, I.M.; Mihyo, P.B.Open Access
1980Some obstacles to diffusion and utilization of educational research : a brief contribution to symposium discussion on "Research and Practice in Education: How to Strengthen Links between Research and Practice in Order to Improve General Education"Omari, I.M.IDRC Only
1989Teaching and psychological researchOmari, I.M.; Okatcha, F.M.; Kariuki, P.W.Open Access
1989Training for agricultural research and development in Eastern and Southern Africa : selected proceedings of the Workshop on Training Needs in Agricultural Research in Eastern and Southern Africa, Arusha, Tanzania, July 21-25, 1987International Institute of Tropical Agriculture; Mkiibi, J.K.; Omari, I.M.; Mmari, G.R.V.IDRC Only
1983Universal primary education in TanzaniaOmari, I.M.; Mbise, A.S.; Mahenge, S.T.; Malekela, G.A.; Besha, M.P.Open Access
1981Universal primary education in Tanzania : a continuation of the educational revolutionUniversity of Dar es Salaam; Omari, I.M.; Mbise, A.S.; Mahenge, S.T.; Malekela, G.A.; Besha, M.P.IDRC Only