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2005Address at the cultural event of the "National Student Commonwealth Forum", University of Ottawa, 1 May 2005IDRC; O'Neil, M.Open Access
2004Address at the launch of "Fixing health systems", IDRC, Ottawa, Oct. 26, 2004O'Neil, M.Open Access
2004Address at the Women, Health, and Development : Perspectives from Israel and Canada Conference in memory of Freda L. Paltiel, Hadassah Ein Kerem, Jerusalem, June 8, 2004O'Neil, M.Open Access
2005Address to a meeting of the "Young Environmental Professionals : National Roundtable for the Economy and the Environment (NRTEE)", Apr. 13, 2005IDRC; O'Neil, M.Open Access
1999Address to the Canadian Cooperative Association, Ottawa, delivered Friday, Mar. 19, 1999O'Neil, M.Open Access
1997All staff meeting, Apr. 25, 1997IDRC; O'Neil, M.; MacDonald, F.; Audet, R.Open Access
2000Autonomies locales : la recherche scientifique pour assurer un développement durableO'Neil, M.IDRC Only
2003Can ICTs transform society?O'Neil, M.Open Access
2001Creating opportunities for informed decisions : the role of IDRCO'Neil, M.IDRC Only
2001De la recherche pour le développementO'Neil, M.; Goldstone, J.IDRC Only
2002Equity : the lasting message from RioO'Neil, M.IDRC Only
2001Favoriser la prise de décisions éclairées : tel est le rôle du CRDIO'Neil, M.IDRC Only
1998For richer, for poorer? : North - South relations after the G-8 SummitO'Neil, M.Open Access
2002I've seen researchers in the South standing at the forefront, defining problems and developing countriesO'Neil, M.IDRC Only
2000IDRC : science for humanityO'Neil, M.IDRC Only
2002IDRC governor's [sic] field visit : Senegal - Gambia; Feb. 10-15, 2002IDRC; O'Neil, M.; Burone, F.Open Access
2000IDRC president marks 30th anniversary of Crown corporationO'Neil, M.IDRC Only
1999IDRC president Maureen O'Neil visiting Guizhou CBNRM project siteGuizhou Academy of Agricultural Sciences; O'Neil, M.Open Access
2001IDRC to give priority for research on social equityO'Neil, M.IDRC Only
2001Ignorance : un péché impardonnableO'Neil, M.IDRC Only