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1998Case study : participatory management of socio-economic and mangrove ecosystem in Koh Sralao villageNong, Kim; Vanntha, NinIDRC Only
2002Community - Based Coastal Resource Management (CBCRM) in Cambodia : lessons and responsesMarschke, Melissa; Nong, KimOpen Access
1997Final report : Coastal Communities Cambodia Research Support Activity (CCC RSA), March - October, 1997Carson, Toby; Nong, Kim; Vanntha, NinIDRC Only
Jun-2004Learning CBNRM in action to improve local livelihoods and coastal ecosystemNong, KimOpen Access
2008Learning for change : ten years of experience on community based coastal resource management and livelihood improvement in Koh Kong, CambodiaNong, Kim; Nith, Chhin; Piseth, Keo; Dyna, Eam; Rattana, KoemIDRC Only
2000Mangroves meanderings : learning about life in Peam Krasaop Wildlife SanctuaryNong, Kim; PMMR Team; Marschke, MelissaOpen Access
1998Study tour in Thailand and Malaysia (26 April - 5 May 1998)Nong, Kim; Vanntha, Nin; Carson, TobyIDRC Only
1998Training report on "Environmental Education and Mangrove Forests Protection Through Local Community Participation", Koh Kong province town, 28-30 September, 1998Nong, Kim; Vanntha, Nin; Virak, Ven; Pichrathna, Chey; An, Khy; Chea, Sam; Marschke, MelissaIDRC Only
1997Workshop report : Participatory and Integrated Coastal Resources Management, Koh Kong Provincial Theatre Hall, 26 - 28 August 1997Nong, Kim; Vanntha, Nin; Carson, TobyIDRC Only