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2000CGIAR program on participatory research and gender analysis : internally commissioned external reviewConsultative Group on International Agricultural Research; Navarro, L.A.; Leppan, W.; Jones, M.; Hambly, H.; Prain, G.Open Access
1995Food Systems Under Stress in Eastern and Southern Africa : proceedings of a Round Table held in Nairobi, Kenya, 12 Oct. 1993IDRC. Regional Office for Eastern and Southern Africa; Navarro, L.A.; Mwangi, M.M.Open Access
1995Oilcrops commodity research and the production to consumption systems approachNavarro, L.A.Open Access
1995Oilcrops Research Network : proceedings of a Steering Committee Meeting and Workshop held in Nairobi, Kenya, Aug. 11-14, 1992IDRC. Regional Office for Eastern and Southern Africa; Navarro, L.A.Open Access
1992Production to consumption system : a complementary perspective for farming systems research and extensionNavarro, L.A.; Schmidt, O.G.; Zulberti, C.A.Open Access
1991Research and extension linkages for small holder agriculture in Zimbabwe : proceedings of a workshop on "Assessing the Performance of the Committee for On-Farm Research and Extension (COFRE)", Kadoma, Zimbabwe, 7-9 May, 1990Zimbabwe. Dept. of Research and Specialist Services; Zimbabwe. Dept. of Agricultural Technical and Extension Services; IDRC. Regional Office for Eastern and Southern Africa; Navarro, L.A.; Shumba, E.M.; Waddington, S.R.Open Access
2000Water hyacinth in Africa and the Middle East : a survey of problems and solutionsIDRC; Navarro, L.A.; Fhiri, G.Open Access