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2004Agricultura urbana en América Latina y el Caribe : impactos y lecciones de la segunda generación de proyectos de investigaciónIDRC; ITDG. Oficina Regional para América Latina; Mougeot, L.J.A.; Boischio, A.; Taboulchanas, K.; La Cruz, G.Open Access
2004Cities feeding people : urban agriculture and city planning in North and South; an IDRC panel (papers)IDRC; Mougeot, L.J.A.; Sommers, P.; Sawio, C.; Cosgrove, S.; Greenhow, T.Open Access
1998Farming inside and around citiesMougeot, L.J.A.IDRC Only
1999For self - reliant cities : urban food production in a globalizing SouthMougeot, L.J.A.Open Access
1993Forest clearance and agricultural strategies in Northern RoraimaMougeot, L.J.A.; Léna, P.IDRC Only
1991Future hydroelectric development in Brazilian Amazonia : towards comprehensive population resettlementMougeot, L.J.A.IDRC Only
2003Huertos urbanos : la nueva revolución verde en la HabanaKnowledge in Action; Mougeot, L.J.A.; Phinney, R.; Hunt, S.Open Access
1999Introduction : food security is a global concernMougeot, L.J.A.; Koc, M.; MacRae, R.; Welsh, J.Open Access
1993PerspectivesMougeot, L.J.A.; Furley, P.IDRC Only
1995Project impact evaluation / Urban Community Based Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (Central America)Mougeot, L.J.A.Open Access
2001Role of urban and periurban agriculture in urban food security and poverty alleviationIDRC; Mougeot, L.J.A.Open Access
2003Seeds in the city : the greening of HavanaKnowledge in Action; Mougeot, L.J.A.; Phinney, R.; Hunt, S.Open Access
2000Urban agriculture : definition, presence, potentials and risks, and policy challengesIDRC; Mougeot, L.J.A.Open Access
1999Urban agriculture in AfricaMougeot, L.J.A.; Obudho, R.A.; Coquery, M.; El-Shakhs, S.; Frishman, A.Open Access
1999Urban agriculture research in Africa : enhancing project impactsIDRC, Cities Feeding People Program Initiative; Mougeot, L.J.A.Open Access
1993Urban environment management : developing a global research agenda; proceedings of an IDRC workshop, 4-6 May 1993, Ottawa, CanadaMougeot, L.J.A.; Massé, D.Open Access
1994Urban food production : evolution, official support and significanceIDRC; Mougeot, L.J.A.Open Access
2003Ville nourricière : le virage vert de la HavaneKnowledge in Action; Mougeot, L.J.A.; Phinney, R.; Hunt, S.Open Access