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1995Allocation of seigniorage in the franc zone : the BEAC and BCEAO regions comparedMedhora, R.IDRC Only
2003Daybreak : interview with Rohinton Medhora, June 2nd, 2003CBC Montréal; Medhora, R.IDRC Only
1994Economics of tobacco trade : enabling the transitionMedhora, R.; Phillips, A.; de Savigny, D.IDRC Only
2001Emerging international financial architecture and its implications for domestic financial architectureIDRC; Centro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad; Medhora, R.; Fanelli, J.M.Open Access
1998Emerging issues in international trade relations : some research directionsMedhora, R.Open Access
2002Exposé au Sous-comité du commerce, des différends commerciaux et des investissements internationaux du Comité permanent des étrangères et du commerce internationalMedhora, R.; Joekes, S.Open Access
2002Finance and competitiveness in developing countriesIDRC; Medhora, R.; Fanelli, J.M.Open Access
1998Financial reform in developing countriesIDRC; Medhora, R.; Fanelli, J.M.Open Access
1998Financial reform in developing countries : an overviewMedhora, R.; Fanelli, J.M.Open Access
2001In conversation : Rohinton MedhoraMedhora, R.Open Access
1999Issues of concern to Canada at future WTO negotiationsMedhora, R.IDRC Only
1996Leçons de l'UMOAMedhora, R.Open Access
1999Négociations futures avec l'Organisation mondiale du commerce (OMC) : des enjeux qui intéressent le Canada et les pays du SudMedhora, R.IDRC Only
1992Para comprender la crisis de la deudaMedhora, R.Open Access
2003Point de vue : tarifs et libéralisation commerciale dans les pays en développementMedhora, R.Open Access
1994Political economy of debt and structural adjustment in AfricaMedhora, R.IDRC Only
1992Pour comprendre la crise de la detteMedhora, R.Open Access
2002Presentation to the Sub-Committee on International Trade, Trade Disputes and Investment of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and ternational TradeMedhora, R.; Joekes, S.Open Access
1994Process of financial liberalization in developing countries : research directionsMcMahon, G.; Medhora, R.Open Access
2003Rich / poor trade imbalances remain sheerMedhora, R.IDRC Only