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1996Economic policy and the transition to democracy : the Latin American experienceMcMahon, G.; Morales, J.A.Open Access
1999Environmental study of artisanal, small, and medium mining in Bolivia, Chile, and PeruWorld Bank; McMahon, G.; Evia, J.L.; Pascó-Font, A.; Sánchez, J.M.IDRC Only
1992Financial computable general equilibrium models of developing countries : a critical assessmentMcMahon, G.Open Access
1995Fiscal reform and structural change : macroeconomic, political economy, and thematic issuesMcMahon, G.; Perry, G.; Rozenwurcel, G.Open Access
2003Grandes minas y la comunidad : efectos socioeconómicos y ambientales en Latinoamérica, Canadá y EspañaCIID; Remy, F.; McMahon, G.Open Access; Open Access
1990Hyperinflation in Latin America : the search for developmental solutionsMcMahon, G.IDRC Only
2001Large mines and the community : socioeconomic and environmental effects in Latin America, Canada, and SpainIDRC; McMahon, G.; Remy, F.Open Access
1996Lessons in economic policy for Eastern Europe from Latin AmericaMcMahon, G.Open Access
1993Política económica en la transición a la democracia : lecciones de Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, UruguayMcMahon, G.; Morales, J.A.; Celedón, C.; Damill, M.; Frenkel, R.Open Access
1994Process of financial liberalization in developing countries : research directionsMcMahon, G.; Medhora, R.Open Access
1990Tariff policy, income distribution, and long run structural adjustment in a dual economy : a numerical analysisMcMahon, G.IDRC Only