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1979Appropriate technologies for water supplies and sanitation in northern communitiesMcGarry, M.G.; Jackson, T.; Rybczynski, W.; Whyte, A.V.; Zimmerman, A.P.Open Access
1977Appropriate technology in civil engineeringMcGarry, M.G.Open Access
1977Appropriate technology in civil engineeringMcGarry, M.G.IDRC Only
1977De l'eau pour tous : mais à quel prix?McGarry, M.G.Open Access
1978Importance of waste re-useMcGarry, M.G.Open Access
1977International research into sanitation and water supply for rural areas and squatter settlements : constraints and prioritiesMcGarry, M.G.Open Access
1978Research in rural water supplies and sanitationMcGarry, M.G.Open Access
1978Sanitary sewers for undeveloped countries : necessity or luxuryMcGarry, M.G.IDRC Only
1977Sanitation in China : practices of excreta treatment and reuseMcGarry, M.G.Open Access
1972Sewage as a natural resource; economic disposal of domestic wastewatersMcGarry, M.G.IDRC Only
1976Taboo resource : the use of human excreta in Chinese agricultureMcGarry, M.G.IDRC Only
1971Unicellular protein production using domestic wastewaterMcGarry, M.G.IDRC Only
1978Users making choices: alternatives to the one million dollar flush : first technical report of the Big Trout Lake Sewage System Environmental AssessmentJackson, T.; McGarry, M.G.; Rybczynski, W.; Whyte, A.V.; Zimmerman, A.P.IDRC Only
1977Village water, health and a potential role for primary health careMcGarry, M.G.Open Access
1977Water supply needs an integrated approachMcGarry, M.G.Open Access
1977Water, wastes and health in hot climatesFeachem, R.G.; McGarry, M.G.; Mara, D.D.IDRC Only