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1979Appropriate technologies for water supplies and sanitation in northern communitiesMcGarry, M.G.; Jackson, T.; Rybczynski, W.; Whyte, A.V.; Zimmerman, A.P.Open Access
1977Appropriate technology in civil engineeringMcGarry, M.G.IDRC Only
1977Appropriate technology in civil engineeringMcGarry, M.G.Open Access
1978Compost, fertilizer, and biogas production from human and farm wastes in the People's Republic of ChinaMcGarry, M.G.; Stainforth, J.Open Access
1977De l'eau pour tous : mais à quel prix?McGarry, M.G.Open Access
1978Importance of waste re-useMcGarry, M.G.Open Access
1977International research into sanitation and water supply for rural areas and squatter settlements : constraints and prioritiesMcGarry, M.G.Open Access
1977Low cost technology options for sanitation : a state of the art review and annotated bibliographyIDRC; World Bank; Rybczynski, W.; Polprasert, C.; McGarry, M.G.Open Access
1978Research in rural water supplies and sanitationMcGarry, M.G.Open Access
1978Sanitary sewers for undeveloped countries : necessity or luxuryMcGarry, M.G.IDRC Only
1977Sanitation in China : practices of excreta treatment and reuseMcGarry, M.G.Open Access
1972Sewage as a natural resource; economic disposal of domestic wastewatersMcGarry, M.G.Open Access
1976Taboo resource: the use of human excreta in Chinese agricultureMcGarry, M.G.IDRC Only
1971Unicellular protein production using domestic wastewaterMcGarry, M.G.IDRC Only
1978Users making choices: alternatives to the one million dollar flush : first technical report of the Big Trout Lake Sewage System Environmental AssessmentJackson, T.; McGarry, M.G.; Rybczynski, W.; Whyte, A.V.; Zimmerman, A.P.Open Access
1977Village water, health and a potential role for primary health careMcGarry, M.G.Open Access
1977Water supply needs an integrated approachMcGarry, M.G.Open Access
1977Water, wastes and health in hot climatesFeachem, R.G.; McGarry, M.G.; Mara, D.D.IDRC Only