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1991Databases, donors and developmentMcConnell, P.IDRC Only
1987Final report / Themes Working GroupIDRC; Stone, M.B.; McConnell, P.; Smart, C.; Wilson, R,; Hardie, J.D.M.IDRC Only
1992IDRC in transition : implications for AsiaMcConnell, P.; Ng, Maria Lee HoonIDRC Only
1992If we have what it takes, do we use it? CLA Standing Committee on Research and Development; Canadian Library Association Annual Conference, June 1992IDRC. Information Sciences and Systems Division; McConnell, P.Open Access
1994Information and Agenda 21 : report of an informal consultation on environment, development, and information, IDRC, Ottawa, 11-12 Apr. 1994IDRC; McConnell, P.; Melesse, M.Open Access
1995Information and IDRC : a review of the information systems, services, products, and programs of IDRCMcConnell, P.; Chataway, B.Open Access
1994Information for development : a Canadian perspectiveMcConnell, P.; Nijhawan, T.Open Access
1990Information for development : experiences of the International Development Research CentreMcConnell, P.IDRC Only
1990Information pour le développement : expériences du Centre de recherches pour le développement international (CRDI)McConnell, P.Open Access
1997International Development Research CentreMcConnell, P.; Chataway, B.IDRC Only
1994Measuring the impact of information : implications for marketingMcConnell, P.Open Access
1995Measuring the impact of information on development : overview of an international research programMcConnell, P.; Griffiths, J.M.Open Access
1995Post-UNCED information initiatives of IDRCMcConnell, P.; Nijhawan, T.IDRC Only
1988Research and information services in developing countries : one perspective from the International Development Research Centre, CanadaMcConnell, P.Open Access