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2009Biodiversity of African vegetablesMaundu, Patrick; Achigan-Dako, Enoch; Morimoto, YasuyukiIDRC Only
2006Cookbook of African leafy vegetablesJohns, Timothy; Maundu, Patrick; Lawson, Elizabeth; Kimiywe, Judith; Towett, ErickIDRC Only
2006Dietary diversity : linking traditional food and plant genetic resources to rural and urban health in Sub-Saharan Africa; technical report (24 May 2004 - 24 November 2006)Eyzaguirre, Pablo; Grum, Mikkel; Maundu, Patrick; Vodouhe, S. Raymond; Johns, TimothyIDRC Only
22-Jun-2011Farmers’ Variety Perception and Selection Criteria in Kitui, Eastern Province of KenyaFukuda, Seiko; Morimoto, Yasuyuki; Maundu, Patrick; Nishikawa, YoshiakiIDRC Only
2007Foods of the Nairobi people : a picture book of foods found in Nairobi marketsAdeka, Ruth; Imbumi, Maryam; Maundu, PatrickIDRC Only
22-Jun-2011Formal and informal seed systems: A case in Museve village, Kitui, KenyaOkubo, Mika; Morimoto, Yasuyuki; Maundu, PatrickIDRC Only
2011Managing agricultural biodiversity for better nutrition and health, improved livelihoods and more sustainable production systems in sub-Saharan Africa : case studies from Benin, Kenya, and South AfricaMaundu, PatrickIDRC Only
2005Mijikenda leafy vegetables calendar 2006Morimoto, Yasuyuki; Maundu, PatrickIDRC Only
2006Promotion of underutilized food plants in Sub-Saharan Africa : experiences with African leafy vegetablesMaundu, PatrickIDRC Only