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1976Conversion of carbohydrates to protein by high temperature fungiGregory, K.F.; Losos, G.J.; Reade, A.E.; Khor, G.L.; Alexander, J.C.IDRC Only
1978Effect of bovine trypanosomiasis on hematopoiesisKaaya, G.P.; Losos, G.J.; Maxie, M.G.; Valli, V.E.O.Open Access
1978Immunosuppression of humoral immune response in bovine trypanosomiasisRurangirwa, F.R.; Tabel, H.; Losos, G.J.Open Access
1978Infections caused by pathogenic African trypanosomesLosos, G.J.Open Access
1986Infectious tropical diseases of domestic animalsLosos, G.J.IDRC Only
1978Is the anemia in bovine trypanosomiasis caused by immunologic mechanisms?Tabel, H.; Rurangirwa, F.R.; Losos, G.J.Open Access
1977Management of imported and endemic common parasitic diseases by the primary health care system in CanadaLosos, G.J.Open Access
1978Organ and tissue weights in diseases caused by T. vivax and T. congolenseLosos, G.J.; Mwambu, P.M.Open Access
1975Pathogenesis of Trypanosoma brucei infection in sheep; cerebro-spinal fluid changesLosos, G.J.; Ikede, B.O.IDRC Only
1972Review of pathology of diseases in domestic and laboratory animals caused by Trypanosoma congolense, T. vivax, T. brucei, T. rhodesiense and T. gambiense.Losos, G.J.; Ikede, B.O.IDRC Only
1978Ultrastructural changes in blood vessels of tissues of cattle experimentally infected with Trypanosoma congolense and T. vivax : a preliminary reportMwambu, P.M.; Losos, G.J.Open Access