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1976Appropriate building systemsLaquian, A.A.IDRC Only
1972Asian city and the political processLaquian, A.A.IDRC Only
1977Bidonvilles font peau neuveLaquian, A.A.Open Access
1972Changing executive leadership in the PhilippinesLaquian, A.A.Open Access
1972Coping with internal migration in the PhilippinesLaquian, A.A.IDRC Only
1974CRDI : une approche humaine en AsieLaquian, A.A.Open Access
1976Habitat : l'action suivra-t'elle l'éloquence?Laquian, A.A.Open Access
1976Habitat : solo el comienzoLaquian, A.A.Open Access
1979Housing Asia's millions : problems, policies, and prospects for low-cost housing in Southeast AsiaYeh, Stephen H.K.; Laquian, A.A.Open Access
1974IDRC and reducing Asia to individual humansLaquian, A.A.Open Access
1964Isla de Kokomo : politics among urban slum dwellersLaquian, A.A.IDRC Only
1980Jambo : on the circuit in East AfricaLaquian, A.A.Open Access
1980Jambo! : commis voyageur de la rechercheLaquian, A.A.Open Access
1977Lotes con servicios : solución a tugurios e invasionesLaquian, A.A.Open Access
1974Martial law in the Philippines to dateLaquian, A.A.Open Access
1972Need for national urban strategy in the PhilippinesAsia Society; Laquian, A.A.Open Access
1971Political integration of urban squatters and slum dwellers in the PhilippinesLaquian, A.A.Open Access
1970Population migration and its implications for urban regional developmentLaquian, A.A.IDRC Only
1975Public policy and migratory behavior in selected developing countries; draft.IDRC; Laquian, A.A.; Simmons, A.B.Open Access
1971Rural-urban migrants and metropolitan developmentLaquian, A.A.Open Access