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1983Aspectos conceptuales de la educación preescolar y los primeros años de primariaKing, K.Open Access
1982Conceptual issues in preschool and early primary educationKing, K.Open Access
1981Dilemmas of research aid to education in developing countriesKing, K.Open Access
1980Education and self-employmentKing, K.IDRC Only
1979Education strategies in lesser developed countriesOntario Institute for Studies in Education; IDRC; Flores, P.; Setijadi; King, K.Open Access
1982Education, science and technology research in Eastern AfricaKing, K.Open Access
1984Education, science policy, research and action : a review paperKing, K.Open Access
1982Formal, nonformal and informal learning : some North South contrastsKing, K.IDRC Only
1978Initiation to the world of work : perspectives from Kenya; the fourteenth Melville J. Herskovits Memorial Lecture delivered under the auspices of the Program of African Studies, Northwestern University on 6 Nov., 1978King, K.IDRC Only
1978Literacy research in developing countries : final reportDeutsche Stiftung fuer Internationale Entwicklung; IDRC; King, K.IDRC Only
1979Mettre les forêts au service des massesKing, K.Open Access
1978Ministry of Labour, Brazil / UNDP / ILO / CINTERFOR / Technical Meeting on Vocational Training Programmes in Africa, Latin America and the CaribbeanKing, K.Open Access
1983New approaches to the analysis of scientific, technological and skilled manpowerKing, K.Open Access
1984Pursuit of science and technology manpower in the 1980s : some conceptual problemsKing, K.Open Access
1981Recherche et développement au niveau de l'école primaireKing, K.Open Access
1981Research and development activities in primary schoolsKing, K.Open Access
1979Research on literacy and work among the rural poorKing, K.IDRC Only
1984Science, education and society : perspectives from India and South East AsiaIDRC. Regional Office for South Asia; King, K.Open Access
1983Science, technology and education in Eastern AfricaKing, K.Open Access
1982Science, technology and education research in IndiaKing, K.Open Access