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2006Approach to the assessment of applied information systems with particular application to community based systems : the outcome analysis methodKettani, Driss; Gurstein, Michael; Moulin, Bernard; El Mahdi, AsmaeIDRC Only
2005Automating a citizen oriented service in a developing country contextKettani, Driss; El Mahdi, AsmaeIDRC Only
2014E-gouvernement pour la bonne gouvernance dans les pays en développement : l'expérience du projet eFezKettani, Driss; Moulin, BernardOpen Access
2008E-government and local good governance : a pilot project in Fez, MoroccoKettani, Driss; Moulin, Bernard; Gurstein, Michael; El Mahdi, AsmaeOpen Access
2004E-government for better governance : Morocco's first pilot experienceKettani, Driss; Ghailani, MaherIDRC Only
2014E-government for good governance in developing countries : empirical evidence from the eFez ProjectKettani, Driss; Moulin, BernardOpen Access
2009Fez e-Government Project : an initiative transforming scientific research to value in MoroccoKettani, Driss; El Mahdi, AsmaeOpen Access
2010Fez Wireless Metropolitan Area Network - Wman@Fez : final technical reportKettani, DrissIDRC Only
2005Framework to assess the impact of egovernment systems on governanceKettani, Driss; El Mahdi, Asmae; Moulin, BernardIDRC Only
2009Good governance and e-government : applying a formal outcome analysis methodology in a developing world contextKettani, Driss; Gurstein, Michael; El Mahdi, AsmaeIDRC Only
2005Importance of user centered design in e-government systems : the case of the city of Fez in MoroccoKettani, Driss; Moulin, Bernard; Kabaili, HindIDRC Only
2004Post mortem of Fez e-gov project workshopKettani, Driss; El Mahdi, Asmae; Chakiri, HoudaIDRC Only
2004Summary of the workshop presentations / Workshop on e-Government in Morocco : realities and perspectivesKettani, Driss; El Mahdi, Asmae; Chakiri, HoudaIDRC Only
2006Sustainable eGovernment Pilot Project for the city of Fez in MoroccoKettani, DrissIDRC Only
2009Toward a roadmap to e-government for a better governanceKettani, Driss; Moulin, Bernard; El Mahdi, AsmaeIDRC Only
2006Towards an empirically based outcome analysis of governance, good governance & e-governmentGurstein, Michael; Kettani, Driss; El Mahdi, AsmaeIDRC Only