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1973Agricultural education in Uganda schools - a case study.Ker, A.D.R.Open Access
1972Agricultural pests and diseases in Uganda.Makerere University; Ker, A.D.R.IDRC Only
1967Agriculture in Bukedi District, Uganda.Uganda. Agricultural Dept.; Ker, A.D.R.IDRC Only
1979Agriculture in East Africa : an introduction to principles and practicesKer, A.D.R.; Moorse, M.W.; Watts, E.R.; Gill, B.N.IDRC Only
1970Challenge of agricultural development.Ker, A.D.R.IDRC Only
1971Climate and agriculture.Makerere University; Ker, A.D.R.IDRC Only
1983Crops and cropping systems programKer, A.D.R.IDRC Only
1970Development of improved farming systems based on ox-cultivation; a comparative study of ox and tractor cultivation systems at Arapai Agricultural College, Uganda.Ker, A.D.R.IDRC Only
1971Development of the Uganda farm schools; a preliminary surveyKer, A.D.R.Open Access
1985Donor agency involvement with agricultural research networksKer, A.D.R.IDRC Only
Oct-1988Eastern and Southern Africa Network Coordinators' Review : held at Nairobi, Kenya, 9-12 may 1988Faris, D.G.; Ker, A.D.R.Open Access
1987Farming systems in the African savanna : a selective review of literatureKer, A.D.R.Open Access
1979Food or famine : an account of the crop science program supported by the International Development Research CentreKer, A.D.R.Open Access
1976Future directions of intercropping and farming systems research in AfricaKer, A.D.R.Open Access
1985IDRC involvement with agricultural research networksKer, A.D.R.Open Access
1981Impératif alimentaire: exposé du programme de cultures vivrières subventionné par le Centre de recherches pour le développement internationalKer, A.D.R.Open Access
1976Intercropping in semi-arid areas; report of a symposiumMonyo, J.H.; Ker, A.D.R.; Campbell, MarilynOpen Access
Jun-1980Parasitic weed control : a review of research on Striga and Orobanche control using synthetic germinatorsKer, A.D.R.Open Access
1989Research networks : some IDRC experiencesKer, A.D.R.IDRC Only
1986Third Oilcrops Network Workshop, Addis Ababa, Oct. 6-11, 1986 : concluding remarksKer, A.D.R.Open Access