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2000Agro-ecosystems, natural resources management and human health related research in East Africa : proceedings of an IDRC - ILRI international workshop , Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 11-15 May 1998IDRC; International Livestock Research Institute; Peden, D.; Jabbar, M.A.; Mohamed Saleem, M.A.; Li Pun, H.IDRC Only
1999Global consultation on livestock, environment and human needs : project completion reportInternational Livestock Research InstituteOpen Access
2005Improving benefits of urban and peri-urban livestock production through management of associated human and environmental health risks in Nigeria : interim technical reportInternational Livestock Research Institute; Randolph, T.F.Open Access
2002Improving crop - livestock productivity through efficient nutrient management in mixed farming systems of semi-arid West Africa : NUTMAN / GEMS; project report, first phase, 1999 - 2001International Livestock Research InstituteOpen Access
2000Iniciativa para la investigación en producción animal en la ecorregión Andina : informe finalInternational Livestock Research Institute; Centro Internacional de la Papa; CIID; Consorcio para el Desarrollo Sostenible de la Ecorregión AndinaOpen Access
1995Latin American and Caribbean livestock research priorities : summary report, 16-20 Oct. 1995, San José, Costa RicaInternational Livestock Research Institute; Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture; IDRC; Li Pun, H.H.; Ruiz, M.E.; Gardiner, P.IDRC Only
2003Links between sleeping sickness and natural resource endowments and use : what can communities do?; final narrative reportInternational Livestock Research Institute; McDermott, J.Open Access
1999Livestock to 2020 : the next food revolutionInternational Food Policy Research Institute; International Livestock Research Institute; FAO; Delgado, C.; Rosegrant, M.; Steinfeld, H.; Ehui, S.; Courbois, C.Open Access
Aug-2012Social media guide for climate change practitioners in AfricaAfricaAdapt; International Livestock Research InstituteIDRC Only