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1982Completion report / Efficient Utilization of Phosphate Fertilizers in Acid Soils of the Tropics and Subtropics (Phase III)International Fertilizer Development CenterIDRC Only
1984Completion report : on-farm suitability of indigenous phosphate products (phase IV of the general project "Efficient utilization of phosphate fertilizers in acid soils of the tropics and subtropics")International Fertilizer Development CenterIDRC Only
1987Effects of different types of farmer participation on the management of on-farm trialsInternational Fertilizer Development Center; Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical; Ashby, Jacqueline A.IDRC Only
1988Fertilizer Network (IFDC / West Africa) : 1987 progress reportInternational Fertilizer Development CenterIDRC Only
1987Final report (Phase I) / Fertilizer Network (IFDC / West Africa)International Fertilizer Development CenterIDRC Only
1988Final report / Farming Systems and Rock Phosphate : technical and economic options of phosphate rock utilization for Andean zone agricultureInternational Fertilizer Development CenterIDRC Only
1991Final report / Fertilizer Network (IFDC / West Africa) IIIInternational Fertilizer Development CenterIDRC Only
1989Final summary report to IDRC / Phosphate Fertilizers (IFDC / West Africa Project)International Fertilizer Development Center; Institut d'économie rurale; Diamond, R.B.; Traore, F.; Henao, J.; Sanogo, Z.; Parish, D.H.IDRC Only
1992Final technical report / On-Farm Fertilizer Evaluation and Adoption Project in Mali and Nigeria, Mar. 1989-Feb. 1992International Fertilizer Development Center; Ahmadu Bello University; Institut d'économie ruraleIDRC Only
1984Participation of small farmers in technology assessmentInternational Fertilizer Development Center; Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical; Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario; Ashby, J.A.IDRC Only