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1994Final report / Land Security and Tropical Deforestation, Oct. 1991-Jan. 1994Instituto del Tercer Mundo; Bissio, R.IDRC Only
2005Information society for the South : vision or hallucination?; briefing papers towards the World Summit on the Information SocietyInstituto del Tercer MundoIDRC Only
2006Proyecto "Towards WSIS II : a Southern Position"Instituto del Tercer Mundo; Bissio, RobertoIDRC Only
1998Puntos bancas: movimiento de mujeres en América Latina y banca multilateral : puntos y bancas; Seminario - Taller "Movimiento de Mujeres y Banca Multilateral de Desarrollo", Montevideo, 13-15 nov. 1997Cotidiano Mujer; Instituto del Tercer Mundo; Red Bancos; Abracinskas, L.; Dos Santos, L.; Celiberti, L.; Garrido, L.IDRC Only
2003Social watch report, 2003 : the poor and the marketInstituto del Tercer Mundo; Bissio, Roberto; Garcé, Patricia; Hamed, Amir; Kessler, TimIDRC Only
2003Social watch, 2003 : the citizens' report on the quality of life in the world; the record of governments and international institutions in fulfilling their commitments (includes the social watch reports from 1996 to 2003)Instituto del Tercer MundoIDRC Only
1993Strengthening NGO environment and development networking NGONET : technical report 1991-92Instituto del Tercer MundoIDRC Only
1999Taller agua y banca multilateral de desarrolloInstituto del Tercer MundoIDRC Only
1999Taller forestación, bosques y la banca multilateral de desarrolloInstituto del Tercer Mundo; Horta, K.IDRC Only
1999Taller pueblos indígenas y banca multilateral de desarrolloInstituto del Tercer MundoIDRC Only