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2009Determinants of parents' reticence toward vaccination in urban areas in Benin (West Africa)Fourn, Léonard; Haddad, Slim; Fournier, Pierre; Gansey, RoméoOpen Access
15-Oct-2012Evaluation of the outcomes of mutual health organizations in BeninHaddad, Slim; Ridde, Valery; Yacoubou, Ismaelou; Mák, Geneviève; Gbetié, MichelOpen Access
2010Exploratory study of the impacts of mutual health organizations on social dynamics in BeninRidde, Valery; Haddad, Slim; Yacoubou, Moussa; Yacoubou, IsmaelouIDRC Only
2010Low coverage but few inclusion errors in Burkina Faso: a community-based targeting approach to exempt the indigent from user feesRidde, Valéry; Haddad, Slim; Nikiema, Béatrice; Ouedraogo, Moctar; Kafando, YambaOpen Access
2009Monitoring the performance of the Expanded Program on Immunization : the case of Burkina FasoHaddad, Slim; Kabore, Moussa; Taminy, Emile; Feletto, Marta; Fournier, PierreOpen Access
2008Politiques publiques et lutte contre l'exclusion : un réseau de chercheurs/décideurs pour l'équité en santéFournier, Pierre; Bicaba, Abel; Diop, Idrissa; Blibolo, Auguste Didier; Haddad, SlimOpen Access
Apr-2006Politiques publiques et lutte contre l'exclusion, phase II : rapport finalHaddad, Slim; Galland, Bruno; Yacoubou, Ismael; Bicaba, Abel; Ki-Ouedraogo, SalimataIDRC Only
12-Mar-2012Reducing the medical cost of deliveries in Burkina Faso is good for everyone, including the poorRidde, Valéry; Kouanda, Seni; Bado, Aristide; Bado, Nicole; Haddad, SlimOpen Access
2008Safeguarding the health sector in times of macroeconomic instability : policy lessons for low- and middle-income countriesHaddad, Slim; Barış, Enis; Narayana, DelampadyOpen Access
2007Solidarity or financial sustainability : an analysis of the values of community-based health insurance subscribers and promoters in SenegalOuimet, Marie-Jo; Fournier, Pierre; Diop, Idrissa; Haddad, SlimIDRC Only
2009System-level determinants of immunization coverage disparities among health districts in Burkina Faso : a multiple case studyHaddad, Slim; Bicaba, Abel; Feletto, Marta; Taminy, Elie; Kabore, MoussaOpen Access
2011Targeting the worst-off for free health care : a process evaluation in Burkina FasoRidde, Valéry; Yaogo, Maurice; Kafando, Yamba; Kadio, Kadidiatou; Ouedraogo, Moctar; Bicaba, Abel; Haddad, SlimIDRC Only