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1995Au-delà de l'aide d'urgence : alerte précoce, prévention de conflits et prise de décisionGuilmette, J.H.IDRC Only
1995Beyond emergency assistance : early warning; conflict prevention and decision makingGuilmette, J.H.IDRC Only
1996Case for a new ethic of evaluation : background paper for remarks at the Performance Workshop jointly organized by CIDA, IDRC and OAG, May 23-24, 1996Guilmette, J.H.Open Access
1996Changement dans une institution : la protection de l'excellence, des valeurs et de la mission; proposition de philosophie de gestion à l'intention du Bureau pour les initiatives en Europe de l'Est et du Centre, CRDIGuilmette, J.H.Open Access
2001Enhancing research capacity in Ukraine : IDRC's experience in Environmental Management Development (EMDU)Guilmette, J.H.; Iskra, I.Open Access
2000Enhancing research capacity in Ukraine : the experience of IDRC in Environmental Management Development in Ukraine (EMDU) as applied to the rehabilitation of the Dnieper River; a case studyIDRC, Office for Central and Eastern Europe Initiatives; Guilmette, J.H.; Iskra, I.Open Access
1998Environmental situation in the Lower Dnipro River BasinIDRC, Office for Central and Eastern Europe Initiatives; Guilmette, J.H.; Vasenko, O.G.; Lockhart, W.L.; Muir, C.G.; Wilkinson, P.Open Access
1999Evaluating governance programs : report of a workshop, 8 Apr. 1999; held at the International Development Research Centre, Ottawa, CanadaIDRC; Carden, F.; Baranyi, S.; Smutylo, T.; Guilmette, J.H.Open Access
1996Institutional change : preserving excellence, values and missionGuilmette, J.H.Open Access
1998Lessons learned from the EMDU project : an address at the occasion of ECWATECH-98 : Third International Congress and Technical Exhibition "Water : Ecology and Technology", Moscow, 25-30 May 1998Guilmette, J.H.Open Access
1998New paradigm for international cooperation : environment development management in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine; chapter IGuilmette, J.H.Open Access
2000OECD approach and its relevance to the management of the Dnieper River Basin : chapter IIGuilmette, J.H.; Rudner, M.Open Access
2000Paradox of prevention : successful prevention erases the proof of its success; a case for a new ethic of evaluationGuilmette, J.H.IDRC Only
2004Peer pressure power : development, cooperation and networks; making use of methods and know-howGuilmette, J.H.Open Access
1995Quelle vision pour demain?Guilmette, J.H.Open Access
1997Tragedy of Keith, Prince of Albert Street : a bilingual play by Master Jean-H. Guilmette; a disciple of William Shakespeare [play prepared for Keith Bezanson's farewell party, Feb. 26, 1997]Guilmette, J.H.Open Access