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2007Appendix 9 : The Witness Newspaper articles; coping with death and illness, Wednesday, August 8, 2007 - how well are we responding to illness and untimely death, ask Dr Julie Dyer and Allison GoebelDyer, Julie; Goebel, AllisonIDRC Only
2007Appendix 9 : The Witness Newspaper articles; the city through students' eyes, Friday, 9 March 2007 - over a period of eight weeks, research assistants at the Univeristy of KwaZulu-Natal went out into different neighbourhoods across Pietermaritzburg to ask questions relating to people's housing situation, their health, and their local environment, writes Allison Goebel, Simphiwe Mbangwa and Mary LawhonGoebel, Allison; Mbangwa, Simphiwe; Lawhon, MaryIDRC Only
2007Appendix 9 : The Witness Newspaper articles; there's no place like home, Tuesday, 5 June 2007 - the future city team conducted a survey recently looking at sense of place and low-cost housing in Pietermaritzburg, write Allison Goebel, Rob Fincham, Trevor Hill, Simphiwe Mbanjwa and Mary LawhonGoebel, Allison; Fincham, Rob; Hill, Trevor; Mbanjwa, Simphiwe; Lawhon, MaryIDRC Only
2007Final report : a joint project of the Centre for Environment, Agriculture and Development (CEAD), School of Environmental Sciences, at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) (Pietermaritzburg Campus), South Africa, and the School of Environmental Studies and the Southern African Research Centre at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario (Queen's)Fincham, Robert; Goebel, Allison; Hill, Trevor; Beckedahl, Heinz; Epprecht, MarcIDRC Only
2005Gender and land reform : the Zimbabwe experienceGoebel, AllisonIDRC Only
1998In profile : IDRC awardee Allison GoebelGoebel, AllisonOpen Access
1998Profil : la boursière Allison GoebelGoebel, AllisonOpen Access
2007Sustainable urban development? : low-cost housing challenges in South AfricaGoebel, AllisonIDRC Only
2010Urban advantage or urban penalty? : a case study of female-headed households in a South African cityGoebel, Allison; Dodson, Belinda; Hill, TrevorOpen Access