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1986Agrarian reform and agro-industry in HondurasGlover, D.J.IDRC Only
1993Annotated bibliography on economy and development in developing countriesIDRC. Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia, Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia; Glover, D.J.Open Access
1985Book reviews : Canadian development assistance to Haïti, Bangladesh and Tanzania; an independent studyGlover, D.J.IDRC Only
1986Book reviews : the modern plantation and its alternatives; a review articleGlover, D.J.IDRC Only
1987Buscando una mejor soluciónGlover, D.J.Open Access
1991Changing comparative advantage, short term instability and long term change in the Latin American banana industryGlover, D.J.; Maldonado, C.L.IDRC Only
1990Contract farming and outgrower schemes in East and Southern AfricaGlover, D.J.IDRC Only
1984Contract farming and smallholder outgrower schemes in less developed countriesGlover, D.J.IDRC Only
1992Contract farming in Southeast Asia : three country studiesInstitut Pengajian Tinggi; Glover, D.J.; Lim Teck GheeOpen Access
1999Economy and environment : case studies in VietnamIDRC. Regional Office for Southeast and East Asia, Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia; Glover, D.J.; Francisco, H.Open Access
1997EEPSEA - guidelines for the presentation of research proposalsGlover, D.J.Open Access
1996How to design a research project in environmental economicsGlover, D.J.Open Access
1987Increasing the benefits to smallholders from contract farming : problems for farmers' organizations and policy makersGlover, D.J.IDRC Only
1987Industrial policy research in Latin AmericaGlover, D.J.Open Access
1988Investigación sobre política industrial en América LatinaGlover, D.J.IDRC Only
1990Layman's guide to structural adjustmentGlover, D.J.Open Access
1991Layman's guide to structural adjustmentGlover, D.J.IDRC Only
1985Markets and institutions in developing countries : implications for economic researchGlover, D.J.Open Access
1986Multinational corporations and Third World agricultureGlover, D.J.IDRC Only
1993Policy researchers and policy makers : never the twain shall meet?Glover, D.J.Open Access